Letterman’s ‘Top Ten Reasons Larry King Is Retiring’ Too Harsh?

Larry King has always been a standard target for late night comedians to mock, so it stands to reason his retirement would get their attention as well. While Craig Ferguson loudly laments the loss of one of the few people he does an impression of (although he freely admits it’s a bad one), David Letterman gave King the Top Ten treatment. However, some people seem to think the list was harsh on CNN’s legendary broadcaster.

The offending entry was likely #6: “It’s not easy juggling a television show, marriage, and an affair with your wife’s sister,” but come on, nobody seemed to mind the endless Tiger Woods jokes, and King’s metric ton of marriages has always been fair game. Somewhere after the sixth marriage, you really need to have a sense of humor about it.

Watch the list right here and you can be the judge.

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