‘Smallville’s Final Season: Who’s Returning? Who Isn’t?

John Schneider and Kristin Kreuk, during previous 'Smallville' runs (The WB)

John Schneider and Kristin Kreuk, during previous 'Smallville' runs (The WB)

As ‘Smallville‘s tenth and final season takes flight starting September 24, the stage will be set for some exciting – as well as unexpected – returns.

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CW president Dawn Ostroff and ‘Smallville’ star/exec producer Tom Welling indicated as much at the May upfronts. Ostroff said that as the series unspools its final run, “There’s going to be a lot of nostalgia, and a lot of interesting guest cast [members] are going to come back.”

Welling in turn expressed his wish-slash-belief that familiar and iconic faces such as Jonathan Kent (played by ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ alum John Schneider), Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) and Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) should make encore appearances as Clark inches closer to his super destiny.

Thing is, Pa Kent is passed on, so that return ain’t happening.

Or is it? Actually, it is. A CW rep confirms for Fancast that Schneider will make an appearance during ‘Smallville’s coming season. Though the network wouldn’t say for how many episodes (or how) the late Jonathan Kent would resurface, IGN.com – which broke the story – hears that Schneider will appear in the season opener and at least one episode beyond that.

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As for Lex/Michael Rosenbaum, there has been no significant movement on that front. But turning to Lana/Kristin Kreuk, two wildly different messages are circulating.

Though Fancast heard from one source that Lana “for sure” will be back for at least part of Season 10, a spokesperson for Kreuk tells us, “I don’t see any ‘Smallville’ in her future…. I’m sure of it.” Similarly, a setsider says there have been zero rumblings about Kreuk and/or Lana returning for the series-ending salvo of episodes.

Kreuk herself proved skeptical of returning to ‘Smallville’ when Fancast spoke to her during her ‘Chuck’ run. “The show has changed so much it would be weird for her to come back in,” she said. “She was from a different ‘Smallville’ time.” Plus, the kryptonite-irradiated Lana is, like, deadly to Clark nowadays.

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Is Pa Kent enough to sate your appetite for encores, ‘Smallville’ fans? Or are you holding out hope that Season 10 gets a bit of “Lex appeal” as well?

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