‘Wonder Woman’ Gets a Makeover

Wonder Woman (deadline.com)

Wonder Woman (deadline.com)

The new ‘Wonder Woman‘ design is out and Diana gets quite the make over by DC Comics, as revealed on Deadline.com.

Looking part biker chick, part a dark-haired Pamela Anderson, the new Wonder Woman looks ready to kick some serious butt with her glowing lasso in hand. She’s traded in her star spangled bottoms for some black skintight pants (how does she move in those things, much less fight?). Oh, and her shoulder pads (didn’t those go out of fashion in the ’80s??) need to have some sort of power to justify being part of the new get up.

Miss the good old days?

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While I didn’t grow up with the series, I still feel nostalgic for the iconic character’s traditional star-studded blue bottoms and red hot go-go boots. It’s almost like Batman without his trusty cape, or Spidey without his red-and-blue suit; the outfit becomes such a part of the superhero that it’s hard to pull off a costume change. Diana looks more ready to ride a Harley than be the Amazon princess she’s supposed to be.

Tell us: Are you going to miss the iconic Star Spangled look, or do you like this darker version?

Watch Wonder Woman Take on Her Nazi Counterpart:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Wonder-Woman/92692/1045513460/Fausta:-The-Nazi-Wonder-Woman/embed 580 476]
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