Olivia Munn Gets Another Shot on ‘The Daily Show’

Perhaps in direct response to the recent Jezebel article that called The Daily Show a boys club, Olivia Munn from G4’s Attack of the Show got her second crack at being a correspondent for Jon Stewart’s crew last night, and she made a solid, if a little green, showing for herself.

Her debut segment a few weeks back didn’t really showcase what she could do, as it was a pretty hilarious correspondent cavalcade with the whole on-air staff crashing her segment and she barely got a word in edgewise. Last night was her first solo effort, reporting on how busting the weird Russian spy ring in New York gives us a warm fuzzy feeling to be back in the Cold War against a comprehensible enemy like Russia instead of the confusing terrorists of Al-Qaeda. It gave her the opportunity to show off her horrible Russian accent – intentionally so, illustrating how inept these spies seemed to be for choosing the code name “Murphy” instead of something that suited their heritage.

Overall, she’s still seems too nervous and a bit too latched to the teleprompter, since for this gig she needs to work with tightly-written scripts instead of the often extemporaneous and free-wheeling ATOS to which she’s accustomed. The big hurdle she’ll need to overcome is getting that confidence to banter back and forth with Jon with some intellectual comedy heft, and it remains to be seen if she can get into her groove once she sheds the rookie jitters.

One thing to keep in mind is that current TDS stand-out Wyatt Cenac took a long time to get up to speed himself. He starting out really shaky and stuttery on camera and has emerged into one of their top talents. So if Munn can stick with it and keep working and developing her schtick to find her own voice, maybe we’ll see more of her in nice blue button-down blouses on our favorite fake news show instead of in bikinis on the cover of Maxim.

Watch last night’s Daily Show right here.

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