‘SYTYCD’: A ‘Disjointed’ Salsa Sends Melinda Packing

Cat Deeley and Melinda Sullivan on SYTYCD (FOX)

Cat Deeley and Melinda Sullivan on SYTYCD (FOX)

She’s beautiful. She’s talented. She can tap her butt off. So then why had Melinda Sullivan been in the bottom three for three weeks running and finally voted off ‘So You Think You Can Dance‘ Thursday night?

“I think that Melinda is very strong and very beautiful and she taps to ballads and I don’t think that little girls and moms are picking up the phones for her,” said judge Adam Shankman post-show.

Even though the offing was unanimous, judge and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe told us he was “heart broken” to see her go. “But she did not connect. And at the end of the day I don’t think there was anything we could do to help her connect,” he said. “It felt uncomfortable. The routine for her was disjointed. It didn’t flow as a salsa…I think that clouded our thoughts.”

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No sweat for Miss Melinda. She kind of had an inkling that a tapper might not resonate with the voting public as much as dancers of other styles might. And, she’s okay with that.

“I’m excited that I made it this far to the top 9 [and] to be the farthest a tap dancer has gotten on this show,” she told us postmortem. “[Tap dancing] is an art form that not a lot of viewers are used to seeing on television. It’s more [that] people think of tap dancing as Fred Astaire, old school, or like Broadway. Something that’s important to me is making it accessible to the MTV generation.”

We think it’s safe to say that she has done that.

So, with three out of the way, who is the frontrunner?

Nigel and Adam were quick to chose Alex after his amazing hip hop routine with tWitch Wednesday night. “I am in awe of Alex Wong….in awe because I have never ever seen a classical dancer dance like that. Ever. They always look like me, like grandpa dancing,” said Nigel.

Adam concurred: “Alex: that was magical. That was magical!”

Did you think it was Melinda’s time to go home? Who’s your favorite? Hey, got a question for the judges? Post it in the comments below and we’ll try to get it answered for you next week.

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