Taylor Lautner and His Intense Twi-Hard Experiences

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse hardly needs any more promotion – it’s already set the records for biggest midnight opening of all time (over $30 million) and biggest Wednesday opening of all time ($68.5 million), but Taylor Lautner was on The Late Show with David Letterman last night anyway to school the host about the werewolves in the vampire movie.

Taylor’s first appearance on the show found him rosy-cheeked and rosy-eared as he explained to Dave all about the strange experiences with fans that he’s had – ranging from Japanese girls sobbing so hard they pass out to 4-year-old boys sobbing for autographs to the “aggressive and physical” Brazilian fans who broke down barricades to pawn on them. He even talked about a hotel bum rush there: “Our security rushed in and they locked the door, and we were like ‘what’s going on?’ They were like ‘it’s okay, remain calm, but we’ve got 2000 girls that just stormed the lobby, they got past hotel security and right now we’re calling the Brazilian National Guard.'”

That prompted an incredulous Dave to ask if Taylor could imagine mustering that kind of emotional devotion for anything, to which he replied “No. Not at all. That’s a lot of passion. The closest thing I would’ve been that passionate about would probably be a sports team or an athlete or something, but I don’t know if I would camp out for five days, sleeping on the concrete, to get Tom Brady’s autograph.”

Among other revelations in the interview – Taylor’s karate instructor, who got him into acting when he was 9, was actually the Blue Power Ranger for a year. Also, his 11-year-old sister has no interest in acting, which he thinks is “awesome.” Yet he was non-committal about how much scratch he’s pulling in when Dave bluntly asked him about it, responding with “I do what I’m passionate about, and if the money comes, then that’s great.” To which the host acerbically quipped “Well, that’ll change.”

He also laid a little groundwork towards eventually moving on from Jacob once the movies are over. “I love this character and it’s giving me everything, so it will always have credit for everything,” he said, “but as an actor, I want to challenge myself.” Dave agreed, saying “between you and me, it’s hard to imagine a 40, 45-year-old werewolf that anybody would be really interested in.” Taylor just calmly replied “I hear ya.”

Watch some of Taylor on Dave right here.

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