Users Speak: The End Of The Oprah Era?

Oprah Winfrey (Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Oprah Winfrey (Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Last week, Oprah’s ratings dropped to the lowest in her 24-year run as Queen of daytime talk. OK, she was in re-runs, but they were watched by fewer than last year’s re-runs. Does this foretell a change for the Big O as she segues from her longtime syndicated show to her OWN cable network? Is the era of Oprah, who has given so much, over? Or just in flux? Our readers weighed in:

I do not enjoy the Oprah Show anymore. I have no interest in listening to some actor or actress talk about their life. “Boring!!!!” Oprah’s show used to deal with the real lives of us real people. How we could help ourselves, our families, and our communities. Oprah went from being the voice of middle America, to playing host to the “stars”. Sorry to see it happen, but not surprised. — Carol

Oprah may have started out poor but has lost touch with the average viewer. The first comment is right, she panders to the stars now. It used to be as a Chicagoan, I could turn on Oprah and see my neighbors on the show. NOw that she’s leaving Chicago and quitting the Oprah talk show, it seems like she doesn’t put anything into it anymore. — Chicagoan

AS a professional career woman, I am not at home to watch Oprah but if she had a special guest or show, I would tape it. That rarely happens as her interview style is predictable now. After reading Kitty Kelly’s biography, I liked her less as I do not think she is the honest open person she portrays herself to be. Although I enjoy celebrity interviews, she asks soft questions so she doesn’t offend anyone and can be their friend which makes the interviews boring. I just think people are tired of her. That does not make her a bad person, but it is time for her show to end. — Laura

Why is everyone always looking for some deep dark reason? I like her, I watch her but I don’t like anyone well enough to miss summer and watch reruns. Also speaking as someone who retired from their job…you reach a point in life when you lose enthusiasm for your work. Then you realize it is time to move on to something different and maybe that is all it is. Many baby boomers should understand that. — Mona Lisa

I used to enjoy Oprah. She dealt with real issues for normal people. Then it seemed she was only catering to spoiled women with nothing better to do but show up to watch people like Tom Cruise make a fool of himself; get more stuff from the Oprah’s Favorite Things type shows; or to show off their luxury bathrooms. What relevance does that have to someone like me who is struggling to grow and run a business while taking care of her family. Not a thing. — WazzaFan

Oprah may be suffering from the same thing that ultimately plagued former TV talk host Phil Donahue: she has become so full of herself that she, rather than her guests, is the center of attention. Her magazine “O” is a prime example – she is on every cover. Talk about over-exposure and overblown egos! Give the gal her due – she did it on her own and that is commendable. But the billionaire Oprah is not the same woman who displayed genuine emotion and connectedness to everyday people that she did back in the 1980s. She has become an icon and icons are simply not like the rest of us, now are they? Time to say goodbye, Oprah. — Barbie

Two things for sure that Oprah deserves credit for; one is she has gotten so many people reading that really weren’t readers before. This alone makes me respect her as it opened up the minds of many. Also she has worked for a long time with people who tell you how to heal your spirit and get in touch with really important things in your life,perhaps even changing what you thought was important. — Mickey W.

Oprah stood the test of time. She was and is the best because she shared the talent with so many others. Others have great shows because a star set the example about how to shine even when there were times when she did not want to. Look at the top talk shows. Ms Oprah’s best practices are used to gain audience involvement, participation and emotional interaction. I would love to work for someone like Oprah because she exudes excellence, demands the very best and yet understands/respects both her guests and her audience. Ratings are falling for one reason and one reason only; she announced a change date and people, her people are choosing another show instead. I will bet if there was no announcement to toss the towel in she would still be in the top two! Oprah “keep helping others, especially those kids” and when you choose the next endeavor go win the title. — Joe Fischer

Oprah has deserted all the poor. To “buy” her new show on most cable network’s call’s for a pkg that sometimes runs over a hundred dollars a month. She is gambling that enough of her fans have full internet to buy her show and left behind especially the minority people who don’t have that extra income. Million’s of black people especially felt Oprah was sort of one of them and now she has just left them behind. I think that will effect her ratings. I am one of those people who never missed her show who will no longer be able to “afford” her show. — krktoday

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