The ‘Bachelorette’s Craig R: ‘The Romance Wasn’t There’

The Bachelorette's Craig Robinson (ABC)

The Bachelorette's Craig Robinson (ABC)

His smooth-talking ways sure make for good counsel, but for ‘Bachelorette’ lawyer Craig Robinson, his persuasive plea wasn’t convincing enough for his one-woman jury on Monday’s episode and he was sent packing.

We watched the nice fella get pretty creative at trying to win over Ali Fedotowsky’s heart–from yellow Converse sneaker key chains to drawing a ‘guard and protect your heart’ copycat tattoo on his wrist. But when it came down to getting some much-needed alone time with his Lady Prize, it was the sheer animal in him that ended up greasing out his muscular opponents in an olive oil wrestling competition! (Was it the extra virgin funk that turned her off? Guess we’ll never know.)

The 27-year-old took time out in a conference call earlier this week to reveal how he feels about Ali, the Wrestler, and admitting to some behind-the-scenes man-to-man crying that took place.

About being the only dude without a one-on-one date:
“I think maybe that [Ali] saw me as a really good friend and maybe that’s why she kept me around. I’m not 100 percent sure. I would have to agree with her that the romance aspect wasn’t there. Based on the time that we had together, but I can’t say that if we had had more time together, then it wouldn’t have been there.”

About Ali ex-naying the cocktail party and decisively kicking him to the curb:
“You know, I really respected that decision because if she had her mind made up, then I don’t think I would’ve wanted any extra time with her at that point.”

About who he thinks is best for Ali:
“Ty Brown is just one of my favorite guys in the world that I think that I’ve ever met. I really thought that he had one of the best chances just knowing what I know about him…and Chris L. I would say to Ali that if you marry one of those guys, I’ll be at your wedding.”

About being an olive-oiled champion wrestler:
“It was just a really incredible experience. And I’ll tell you this, this is the one thing you didn’t see: We all woke up the next day and a lot of us couldn’t even stand up out of bed.”

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About that Speedo calendar:
“I own one copy. The paralegals that work in my law firm, they might tell you a different story. I think it’s February 2011 every month for them.”

About Justin saying he and Craig are buddies on his Facebook page:
“Best friends. BFF for life. It’s just a misstatement because [Justin] never really interacted with many of us off camera, or on camera, you know? But I shared something with these guys, including Justin that I’ve never shared with any of my friends at home before. For that reason I will always be bonded to them for that special reason.”

About possibly catching Justin making one of his forbidden phone calls to his gf back home:
“Kirk was living with Justin in Iceland and Kirk said, ‘The wrestler got out and went into the bathroom last night, like, turn [sic] on the water, and he was talking to himself like in the bathroom.’ He said, ‘I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but he must have been like, talking to himself; I think he’s like gone crazy or something.’ So, we had no idea that there happens to be a phone in the bathroom. So, I’m guessing that was maybe one of the times that he called…we thought that he was just going a little bit insane.”

About some serious off-camera man cries:
“There was a moment in Iceland where we all got together and kind of shared our stories from home. Like our most closest to our heart…whether it was Chris L. losing his mom or Ty Brown’s divorce. We all sat around, and we all cried that night in Iceland.”

About his feelings for Ali today:
“I have not one negative word to say about her. She’s a great girl. I wish her the best. I hope that she finds happiness. I hear so much criticism of her, which I think is really unfair for her to be criticized because I don’t think anybody will know until they’re in her shoes how difficult of a position that is to be.”

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