‘Warehouse 13’ Star Reveals What’s Coming Out Of Storage For Season Two

Eddie McClintock (SyFy)

Eddie McClintock (SyFy)

Last season, ‘Warehouse 13’ let loose a pair of attractive agents inside a storehouse of supernatural souvenirs. (Turns out it takes a lot more than bubblewrap and Sharpie-scrawled admonishments of “This Side Up….No, Seriously!” to keep stuff like Lewis Carroll’s mirror and Edgar Allan Poe’s pen in mint condition.) The premise proved to be a winning one.

The show’s new slate of second season episodes, which premiere July 6 on Syfy, will reveal a rather impressive roster of guest stars, including the original bionic babe Lindsay Wagner, a ‘Firefly‘ faction (Jewel Staite and Sean Maher), Rene Auberjonois, Tia Carrere, and a few ‘Star Trek’ alums thrown in for good measure. Eddie McClintock, who plays fast-talkin’ fed funnyman Peter Lattimer, talked to Fancast about why the action, artifacts, and agents who’ve been assigned to explore “America’s attic,” deliver a perfect dose of “popcorn for the soul.”

In the new episodes, your comedic timing remains impeccable.
I have a lot of help, like from our executive producer, whom I really have to give a shout-out to. His name is Jack Kenny, and he writes relationships. That’s what he does. He has an amazing talent to write relationships, and he also happens to be one of the funniest humans I’ve ever met in my life. He writes good lines for me, and I try to spit them out the best I can. I’m just a talking head.

With all the cool co-stars on tap for this new season, is there anyone not yet in the pipeline whom you’d most like to have appear on the show?
I’m old friends with Tony Shalhoub. When he and I had dinner last year, I told him, “If this show has legs, I’d love for you to come and be a part of it.” Everybody has the best intentions, and I’m sure he’d love to come and do it, but he’s in New York right now – I believe he’s on Broadway with his wife, but I’d love to have Tony come and do an episode. Plus last year, Gary Oldman told Saul (Rubinek) that his kid loves the show. I thought, “Oh man – how cool would it be to get Gary Oldman?!?” And I just met William Shatner last weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I asked him to come. The guy who handles his expo appearances said Bill’s got three shows [coming up] so he’s probably going to be too busy to come do that. But it would be cool to have the true sci fi icon……

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Were you a sci fi fan growing up?
I loved the original Star Trek as a kid. I loved the original Lost in Space, The Day The Earth Stood Still, and all the old Godzilla movies, The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, War of the Worlds. There’s Alien and John Carpenter’s The Thing……so the answer is YES. I’ve always loved science fiction.

What’s your favorite artifact from the new season? Are there any episodes that will particularly jump out at us?
I think all the episodes are quite good this year. I have to give credit to the writing staff….they did an amazing job [last year] but I think they were still trying to discover what the show was about. I think it was a little spotty in places because we were experimenting and saying, “OK, is this the show?” I think that this year, the writers have really narrowed it down, weeded out the things that didn’t necessarily work from last year, and exploited the things that did. All the episodes are great. For me – it’s hard to say for sure, because I haven’t seen any of them yet – but there’s an episode called “Around the Bends” in which Pete is infected by an artifact, and we begin to question his sanity. As an actor, I got to really try some different things – some things that I don’t normally get to play.

Season one ended on quite the cliffhanger. On the subject of awesome cliffhangers, which shows or movies have delivered some of the most jaw-dropping, belief-defying cliffhangers for you as a viewer?
Well, when Fonzie was gonna jump that shark, I’m pretty sure that was a two parter. And [on The Brady Bunch] when Peter and Greg went surfing, and there was a tarantula in Peter’s bed, plus Vincent Price…..two parter in Hawaii. Classic. I haven’t had a lot of time for episodic television lately, but I just finished watching The Office [UK version] in its entirety for probably the tenth time. [Ricky Gervais] just blows me away. That character and his ability to suddenly just destroy himself is amazing.

In closing: Warehouse 13, season two – what’s your sales pitch to the viewer?
The show is bigger, better, it’s funnier and it’s faster. The network has put its money where its mouth is – and the show just feels more expansive. I think the writing is more succinct – we figured out what the show is, and we hit the ground running. Plus the show is nice and light, not too heavy. I’ve been saying it’s like popcorn for the soul. It’s a nice, light snack that you can enjoy with the entire family.

Warehouse 13’s season two premieres Tuesday, July 6 at 9/8 c. And if you’d like to dust off last season’s cache of cool collectibles, unpack season one right here on Fancast.

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