The Following People Will Not Be On ‘Glee’

Katie Holmes (Photo: Pascal Pavani/Getty Images)

Katie Holmes (Photo: Pascal Pavani/Getty Images)

Katie Holmes? Nope.

Javier Bardem? As the Spanish say, “No.”

U2? Wrong, too.

The list of A-listers, as tweeted by exec producer Dante Di Loreto, goes on and on, but the larger point seems to be this: There has been no legit guest-casting news for Fox’s ‘Glee‘ in the past week or so.

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The rumor about Holmes – who just shot an indie alongside the luminous Dianna Agron (aka Quinn) – was started by a tabloid, I believe. The Bardem buzz was born of a quote the Oscar winner gave to Entertainment Weekly – complete with a pitched “Spanish metalhead mentors Artie” storyline and everything.

The Bardem bit enjoyed extra credence given that he recently wrapped ‘Eat Pray Love,’ directed by ‘Glee’ boss Ryan Murphy.

And the U2 thing… Well, I never heard that one. But maybe I run in the wrong circles.

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Elvis “the King”? He’s a no as well, according to the tweet. And though he wasn’t specifically mentioned by Di Loreto, I’d also strike Generalissimo Francisco Franco.

But John Stamos? We got ‘im!

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