The Situation: ‘Jersey Shore’s a Stepping Stone To Film Career

Michael "The Siutation" Sorrentino (MTV)

Michael "The Siutation" Sorrentino (MTV)

“He’s got a lot going on. He’s got a clothing line, songs… I’ll congratulate ‘The Situation’ myself. He’s doing pretty good.”

Yes, friends, that is ‘Jersey Shore‘ cast member Michael Sorrentino talking about… himself. In the third person.

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“The Situation” gave those quotes to at an event celebrating what he calls his 28th birthday. There, he also offered a ray of hope that, yes, he may one day bring his abs-fab self to the silver screen.

MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore,’ Sorrentino says, “is a stepping stone for me. Being one of the biggest names in reality or the country or the world or whatever, I definitely want to start moving into scripted and films in another year or two.”

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What do you make of ‘The Situation’s Hollywood dreaming? An abs-olute possiblity, or simply abs-urd?

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