Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert Revive ‘Even Stephven’

Daily Show veteran and big-time movie star Steve Carell stopped by his ex-colleague Stephen Colbert’s big-time TV show The Colbert Report last night to promote Despicable Me and Dinner for Schmucks, and as is usually the case when an old friend of the show visits, they stepped the comedy up a notch. This time, they revived the piece they used to do together on TDS, a point-counterpoint hilarious shouting-head segment they called “Even Stephven.”

Carell also commandeered the opening of the show as well, in a dream sequence wherein he was the correspondent who got his own spin-off entitled The Carell Corral and Colbert was the one who became a big movie star. When he returned later for the interview segment, they started off normally, until Carell insisted things were awkward while Colbert kept contradicting him, prompting Carell to say “let’s settle this the old-fashioned way,” and the trip down memory lane began.

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In the classic bits, Colbert and Carell used to take opposing viewpoints on an issue and go to ridiculous extremes and vicious personal attacks for comedy purposes, and last night was no different. Some of the best lines:

Carell: “I’m the one who moved on, grew up, while you hung around tricking perfectly nice people into saying stupid things.”

Colbert: “I am thrilled for your success. Hell, I’m amazed by it. Nobody who knows you saw this coming.”

Carell: “You are just jealous because you’re stuck here in the same building just half an hour later. What’s the matter, doesn’t Jon Stewart’s teat come with an extension cord? And that looks like the same desk chair you had when we shared an office. When you do a movie, you can get ten chairs anytime you want!”

Colbert: “Ooh, ten chairs! You could seat everyone who saw Dan In Real Life!”

Of course, the shouting eventually degenerated into an ‘I hate you/I love you’ sobfest, where Carell noted “At least we’re not working for Stewart.” Colbert responded with “That a**hole really held us back while launching our careers.” That was the cue for Big Brother Jon Stewart himself to show up on the video screen above them and ask “How did you get to leave The Daily Show? Because they lock the doors and the windows every night! 12 years, I haven’t been out of here the whole time, and it’s really scary!”

You’ve really got to see this for yourself. Watch Steve Carell on last night’s Colbert Report right here.

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