‘Top Chef’s Arnold Is Ready For His Next Close-Up

Arnold on Top Chef (Bravo)

Arnold on Top Chef (Bravo)

His chef’testant days may be done, but ‘Top Chef‘s Arnold Myint has grand aspirations to appear again on a TV screen near you. The Nashville resident with a flair for the dramatique wants to host his own Bravo series, and would be much obliged if you considered him when Fan Favorite voting begins. In an interview Thursday, Arnold dished on his favorite memories from the show,  how he envisions his project, ‘Top Event,’ playing out, and who snored the most in the ‘Top Chef’ house.

You said had a wardrobe stylist and a facial before the show started. Joke or no joke?
No joke, actually. But it wasn’t just for the show. I do live in Nashville and shopping can be frustrating so I sometimes have it come to me.

Were you there for the flood or were you shooting?
We were shooting. My basement was flooded. I’ve been in this house for about a year, and luckily my quote-unquote Jewish mother took care of it all for me.

Why quote-unquote Jewish mother?
She’s a short little Asian lady with a Southern accent. I’m like her little Jewish son. She’ll do anything for me. When I called her, she was like, “I did it already.”

Tell me about this motivation staff dance you apparently do.
Well, I used to be a performer and when you submit your video, you try to stand out and figure if that’ll be a good way to do it. I tried to get the staff to do the cha cha live every night, but they shunned that instantly.

Did you eventually work out the beef with Kelly from that group challenge?
Yes. I mean, it’s TV [laughs].

Are you displeased the way you were portrayed on the show or do you feel like it was pretty accurate?
I can only be me, and when I went in my main concern was that I didn’t want to do something where my current followers in Nashville would think was something else. I cooked the way I cook. I acted the way I act everyday. I think they portrayed me right.

Were you concerned about how you might be portrayed before you went into it?
Not how I might be portrayed but how viewers might perceive me. And I’m just really psyched. It seems that me and the network are a great fit and I don’t think on any other program could I do what I do, and act the way I act [laughs].

That said, would you want to work on reality TV again? On Bravo?
In a heartbeat.

Do you have anything specific in mind?
Possibly [laughs]. Maybe I could host a reality show called ‘The Big Event’ where event designers and planners across the nation fight and do challenges, just like ‘Top Chef.’ And do Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, baptisms, whatever, challenges like that.

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I love how Bat Mitzvah is the first event that comes to your mind.
[Laughs] I’m in Nashville! I’ve been to many. I think my parents had to take out a loan when I was 13 for all the parties [Laughs]. But, I think that will be great, or some kind of ‘Where are they now?’ and have me part of that hosting family.

Who do you think is the chef to beat?
I think the chef from here Tiffany Derry from Beaumontt, Texas. She is definitely strong, solid, and real. I love her intros are sort of like, ‘I started at IHOP.’

Did you feel like everybody was on par with each other, skill-wise?
Yes, most definitely. I think the most nerve-wracking time for me was the first night, when we cooked at home. I got my cutting board out, and I was scared to cut onions because I thought I was going to get judged [laughs]. But after that first meal, everything was good.

Did you have any reluctance about having to share a bedroom?
I was a professional figure skater and performer for the majority of my life and I toured on a cruise ship where I lived in a bunk bed at the age of 26. So I’m very used to these sort of quarters. I have no problem with it and I don’t snore – I don’t think. And I’m clean so the issues weren’t all with me and I knew what I was getting myself into.

Who does snore, if not you?
Oh, man, who doesn’t?! I mean, you put a little bit of food and booze in your body, you’re gonna snore. But really it was the majority of the boys. One night, I thought it was like surround sound. I mean seriously, I thought they were just playing a joke on me [laughs]. I quickly moved down into the living room and slept on the couch [laughs].

Are there any more fond memories that you have from the house?
It was just a great experience. I think a fond memory of mine was that when we went in, I saw a big bowl of cherries and lemons and they were fake. I hate artificial table settings, and I freaked out.

What did you do? Throw them away?
I was just like, ‘This is unacceptable. This is ridiculous.” I didn’t throw them away – I had to respect the house – but come on, they couldn’t find real cherries and lemons?

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