Eureka’s Erica Cerra: Season Four Will Be ‘Flipped Upside Down’

Erica Cerra (SCI FI Channel)

Erica Cerra (Syfy)

For viewers who’ve opted to summer in the eccentric enclave of ‘Eureka’ over the past several seasons, Deputy Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra) has perhaps single-handedly dispelled the notion that small-town law enforcement sidekicks can do little more than fumble around like Barney Fife. (And no, Don Knotts probably wouldn’t have looked half as good perched atop a piano in a slinky red dress while crooning “Making Whoopee,” either.)

Cerra spoke with Fancast about Eureka’s upcoming fourth season, declaring that the new episodes will result in “our best season yet.” She also discusses gadgets, guest star roles, and how she’s every bit as capable of generating serious sizzle in the kitchen as she is on screen.

From the first three seasons of ‘Eureka’ so far, which episodes or moments have been especially memorable for you?
Well, I think it’s pretty easy for me to say that ‘Your Face Or Mine?’ was my favorite, because the episode is all about me! [Laughs.] Of course I had the most to play in that episode. It’s so interesting because we have so much fun on the show, and there are so many silly, goofy moments while filming, that it’s really hard to pick one. Colin is probably one of the funniest people I have ever known, so it’s like hanging out with Jim Carrey for the day. Colin and Jim, in my opinion – I call him “Jim” like I know him! – are one and the same. [Colin] is incredibly physically comedic, as well as clever. But the opportunities that I have to do more with my character stand out to me the most. And in this next season, there are soooo many memorable moments. I’ve had a ton of stuff to do, and it’s way more character driven.

You’ve indicated in other interviews that this new season will go in a really different direction. Can you elaborate on that? Drop any additional hints?
Of course, James Callis is coming to our show from Battlestar Galactica. That’s a new character for the show. And the show is essentially being flipped upside down, although the characters are still all the same. Relationships are slightly changing, and situations are changing. Unfortunately, I can’t…..well, I wouldn’t even want to give it away, because if I were a viewer….it’s just really great. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed by what this season has in store, and I really do think it’s our best season yet.

Catch a Sneak Peek at the Premiere:

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If you could own any gadget that has been featured on the show, which one would you most like to get your hands on in real life?
Oh my God…there’s been so many. Is there anything that turns other metals into gold? Have we had any of those? If not, I’m sure we could invent that. I’m even trying to think of those funny, non-functioning gadgets that we have on the website…..actually, now that I think about it, I remember there was an episode – I don’t remember what the machine was, but it had something to do with compression, and it made diamonds. That’s what I want! Diamonds.

You’ve appeared in so many other sci fi shows, like ‘Warehouse 13,’ ‘Sanctuary,’ ‘Battlestar Galactica’….beyond working on ‘Eureka,’ did any of those stand out as being especially cool experiences?
Sanctuary I had a really, really wonderful time working on. Amanda Tapping was lovely enough to hire me and direct me in that episode. That was a really fun experience – she’s a great director, and a great woman, and her crew and cast are just as fantastic. Really supportive, really helpful and very welcoming. Warehouse 13, same thing. Great group of people. Eddie [McClintock] was a lot of fun to work with. Battlestar – a lot of the stuff that I did on Battlestar was with the baby! With all these, the environments are great to work in. I’ve been really, really lucky. But I’m not exactly a grinch, so maybe people have been nice to me because I’m also a very welcoming person, too! I’m lucky enough to draw nice people around me. I’ve been really blessed, and the show that I work on, in the five years we’ve been working together, we’ve had just amazing relationships with one another, so it just really gelled and worked.

What TV shows, either past or present, have you been a fan of?
Growing up, I watched so many TV shows. Now that I’m working in the industry, I don’t watch as much. I cook, I garden, I do other things! But in the past, I always loved sitcoms. Growing up, I used to watch Cheers, Golden Girls, Friends. I watched Seinfeld with my dad – that was one of his favorites. And stuff like Frasier – I really like the smart comedy. Less slapstick, more wit. Friends was one of my all-time favorite shows…that’s sort of both slapstick and wit.

Your bio underscores your passion for cooking – do you have a signature dish?
I love cooking Italian food. And I make really great ribs. I have….I suppose it could be considered a secret sauce. I love really, really tender ribs, so I steam them for hours and hours and hours until they’re falling off the bone, with very little fat. And I do a dish called pasta fagiole – it’s pasta with beans. It’s definitely comfort food. It’s comfort food for most Italians!

Eureka’s new season starts July 9 at 9/8 c on Syfy. And you can check out past episodes right here on Fancast.

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