What To Watch: Weekend

TOP PICK:Eureka‘ (Friday at 9pm on Syfy)

James Callis (‘Battlestar Galactica’s’ Dr. Gaius Baltar) joins the show this season as physicist “Dr. Grant,” a former resident of the town whose very unexpected return is cause for great concern.

‘Eureka,’ one of Syfy’s most watched original series, returns for its 4th season with exciting twists, a brand new cast member and a great line up of new and returning guest stars. New and returning fans won’t want to miss the big changes in store for everyone in the small town of Eureka after a cataclysmic shift turns their lives upside down.

KEY EPISODE:Kate Plus 8‘ (Sunday at 9pm on TLC)

Go ahead – you know you can’t wait for your Kate fix. It’s ok – we’ll be watching too.

‘Kate Plus 8’ is back Sunday with an all-new one hour special. This time, Kate tackles some much needed projects around the house while creating a manual for the many household systems she never had to worry about until recently. Meanwhile, the Gosselin clan gets even bigger when Kate decides to get chickens for the family.

WATCH:Haven‘ (Friday at 10pm on Syfy)

A spooky, eerie companion piece to ‘Eureka,’ this new drama will keep Syfy fans more than happy.

The new drama series ‘Haven,’ based on the novella “The Colorado Kid” from renowned author Stephen King, follows FBI agent Audrey Parker (Emily Rose), who arrives in the small town of Haven, Maine to solve the murder of a local ex-con. Before long, her natural curiosity lands her in the epicenter of activity in this curious enclave, which turns out to be a longtime refuge for people with a remarkable range of supernatural abilities.

DVR:The Bridge‘ (Saturday at 8pm ET on CBS)

Sure it’s on Saturday, but it’s a new scripted series with a good pedigree- and that’s a rare thing on network TV in the summer.

This new series, based on the insights of veteran insider and outspoken former Toronto police union head Craig Bromell, chronicles a charismatic union leader who is working parallel campaigns in a big city police force – battling criminals on the street and fighting his own bosses, and sometimes corruption in the ranks, to protect his fellow officers.

DVR:The Glades‘ (Sunday at 10pm on A&E)

A&E takes a break from their normal reality series in the premiere of this new drama – set in the sleepy part of Florida.

In ‘The Glades,’ Matt Passmore stars as Jim Longworth, an attractive, brilliant, yet hard to get along with homicide detective from Chicago who after being wrongfully accused of sleeping with his former Captain’s wife is forced into exile. Longworth relocates to the sleepy, middle of nowhere town of Palm Glade, Florida, where the sunshine and golf are plentiful and crime is seemingly at a minimum. Yet life in this sleepy town is not as beautiful as it may seem.

Friday Talk Show Listings:

  • Live With Regis And Kelly: Khloe Kardashian
  • The Tonight Show With Jay Leno: Vice President Joe Biden
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