Daniel Tosh: Comedy Central’s Most Wanted

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are the flagship icons of Comedy Central, but there’s a new guy on the block who is garnering more viewers than both of them – Daniel Tosh. His goofy ‘The Soup of the Web’ style show Tosh.0 is averaging 2.2 million viewers compared to 2 million for The Daily Show and 1.4 million for The Colbert Report (although it bears noting that Tosh’s show is in prime-time as opposed to late nights for Stewart and Colbert).

Tosh.0 is the third most popular show on Comedy Central, behind South Park and Futurama, and it’s the best performer in its time period (Wednesdays at 10:30pm) since Chappelle’s Show. Of course, popularity does not necessarily translate to quality, which Tosh mocks in bumpers for his show, boasting about all the combined awards that he, Stewart and Colbert have won, saying “We took care of the Webby.”

It’s also been one of the top ten most popular TV shows on Comcast On Demand in the last few weeks. You can check it out On Demand now and see which humiliated internet celebrity gets a “Web Redemption” this week.

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