Kate Gosselin Wonders If She’s Grumpy

'Kate Plus 8' (Photo: TLC)

'Kate Plus 8' (Photo: TLC)

The second ‘Kate Plus 8‘ special aired Sunday night and it was full of feathers and metaphors. Kate Gosselin, who had chickens growing up, decided the family needed some of their own to cut into the high cost of organic eggs.

Chickens apparently make Kate grumpy. “Am I grumpy?” she asked her camera crew/silent shrinks at one point. “Yes, you would be too if you had to run 26 acres alone.”

Except that when it came coop building time some local farmers set it up, with Kate giving her usual precise direction on just how everything should be gone. (Later in the episode we learned she’s working on a manual for how everything should be done around the house.) She managed to turn a fun exercise for the kids into a looming threat, explaining that the coop will be “filled with chicken poop to be scooped” and warning the kids that “whoever disobeys will be assigned with this chore!”

Complaining that she’s “Mommy’d” to death and a one bedroom apartment sounds appealing, she told the kids: “I’m in charge and that’s never gonna change, so shush!”

At one point talking to the crew, Kate caught herself saying “we” and corrected it to just “I,” but she still looked to them for help when a rooster was literally hen-pecked to a bloody mess. She grew rattled in front of the kids, called it gross and asked someone else to deal with it.

Later, she noted the “irony” of the hen pecking, referencing her ex-husband Jon Gosselin, “We’ve got issues with roosters,” she said.

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Her feathers were also ruffled by a worker who came to test for hard water when he suggested the former ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ contestant could learn how to use water softener herself, saying it’s “easier than dancing.” “Don’t make that comparison,” she snapped.

Still, the kids – especially Colin – seemed to enjoy all the bird time, even debating appropriate names. (“Fuzzy” and “Furry” were the frontrunners.)

In doing promotion for the second TLC special, Kate said the kids thought she should have won ‘Dancing,’ she told Access Hollywood.

‘Kate Plus 8:’ When Chickens Attack!

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