‘Lone Star’s Jon Voight: ‘I Haven’t Been The Best At Relationships’

Jon Voigt and James Wolk (Bill Matlock/FOX)

Jon Voigt and James Wolk (Bill Matlock/FOX)

There are more important things to talk about when it comes to Fox’s new Fall drama, ‘Lone Star,’  set amidst a backdrop of the Texas oil industry. Like, how the timing of the BP disaster makes the show oh so relevant. Or how Jon Voight and David Keith are bringing a much-welcomed old-school Hollywood element to the show. Or how it’s truly one of the best pilot episodes of the season.

But, the question on our minds at a cocktail party for the show, held at the swanky – and aptly titled – Boudoir at Coco de Ville in Hollywood was, “Could you really be in love with two people at the same time?”

Let us fill you in before we get to the stars’ juicy answers.

‘Lone Star’ centers on a charismatic, handsome and charming con man Robert-slash-Bob Allen played by the, er, charismatic, handsome and charming James Wolk. He’s married to Cat (‘Friday Night Lights’ star Adrianne Palicki), the daughter of an uber-wealthy Texas oil family. Then, 400 miles away, he’s got a sweet, naïve, suburban girlfriend in Lindsay, played by beautiful newcomer Eloise Mumford (who landed the gig just one month into moving from New York to Los Angeles. And, it was her first test pilot to boot!) Robert’s not just a con artist with the ladies, but he’s trying to swindle lots of people out of lots of money.

Got it?

Okay, here we go.

Can you can be truly in love with two people at the same time as good ol’ Robert/Bob is on ‘Lone Star?’

James Wolk (Robert/Bob Allen, con-man):
“I’ll say this – I haven’t been in love with more than one person but I have had crushes on people and I’ve been attracted to people and interested in people, but I think everybody is. But here’s what I think, you feel that and you say no, or maybe some people don’t say no, those people are called sex addicts and they don’t exist in normal society [Laughs]…You have to believe in love. I do. I’ve never been in love with two people at same time, but if someone came up to me said they were, who am I to judge? I can believe it happens.”

Jon Voight (Clint Thatcher, father to Robert’s wife Cat and big time oil man):
“Hmmm. Let’s see. I’m looking for a way of avoiding answering this question. [Laughs] I can’t say that. Well, I had my bad behavior in my life. I haven’t always been the best at relationships. And I’ve learned a lot. I’ve had my ups and downs in life, and my adventures. But now I’m older and so much wiser. So above it all. [Laughs] I was a playful guy in my life.”

Peter Horton (executive producer):
“Oh yeah. [Laughs]. For me, I couldn’t be in two sexual relationships at the same time, that wouldn’t work for me. But my daughter, who is 10, said to me, ‘You know, I think there are probably about 20 people in the world you can marry and be happy with.” I think she’s right. I believe there’s more than one soul mate. It’s like the Chinese red thread theory. If you have a red thread going through you, you recognize it in someone else and you feel connected and you know it in your soul.”

‘Lone Star’ premieres on Fox this Fall.

Preview ‘Lone Star’:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Lonestar/107078/1496880028/Lone-Star/embed 580 476]

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Watch the trailer! It’s hot. Let us know what you think about the show in the comments below.

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