The Big Tease: Scoop on ‘Bones,’ ‘Psych,’ ‘Glee’ and More!

'Bones' David Boreanaz, 'Psych' guest star Chi McBride and 'Glee's Chris Colfer (Fox)

'Bones' David Boreanaz, 'Psych' guest star Chi McBride and 'Glee's Chris Colfer (Fox)

Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show, from summer or fall? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send your questions. Here now the scoop!

The ‘Bones‘ Season 6 premiere is called ‘The 600-lb. Gorilla in the Room’? Yeeeah, sure. With all that unconfirmed Twitter-fueled madness, I need some bulletproof scoop for TV’s best show on air. – Christine
Hart Hanson was right to be skeptical about his tentative title for the season opener making it to the final rounds. Because as of now, that episode is titled ‘The Mastodon In The Room,” and it features a rather awesome opening sequence in which every member of the team is accounted for and beckoned back to D.C. to “save” Cam, who as the federal medical examiner is being hammered by the media about a controversial corpse in her custody.

Psych‘ is back this Wednesday – scoop us! – Stefanie
You know how Chi McBride makes everything he touches just a little bit better? Watch for the ‘Human Target‘ star to work that magic on ‘Psych’ this season when he guest stars as a prison guard who reluctantly joins forces with Gus and Shawn when a group of furloughed cons make a break for it under his watch. Chi’s character does his best to believe in Shawn, which ain’t easy when events take a most unfortunate turn.

Britney episode (ugh!) or not, I can’t wait for ‘Glee‘ to return. Any new scoop to share? – AlwaysAnnie87
While congratting Chris Colfer on his Emmy nod, I asked if the decision to nix the reality spin-off based on this summer’s nationwide casting call means that the introduction of Kurt’s new beau has been bumped as well. “No, he’s definitely coming on,” Chris said. “I don’t know how they’re going to cast it or who it’s going to be, but he’s definitely coming.”

‘Glee’ Will Do Britney, But Will Britney Do ‘Glee’?

About ‘The Big Bang Theory‘: Will we see more of Sheldon’s possible new girlfriend, who we met in the season finale? – Margaux
I hand-delivered your question to Jim Parsons when I spoke to him about his new Emmy nod, and he said that “without knowing specifically, I do think it’s certainly the intent” for Mayim Bialik (‘Blossom’) to reprise her role. “I can’t imagine we’re not going to see where this is headed,” he added, “which I’m excited about.”

How come we didn’t find out who the saboteur is on ‘Big Brother‘ this Sunday? I don’t want to play a guessing game all summer; it would be way to annoying. – Emerson
Patience, Em – a CBS rep reminds that “the plan has always been to reveal to viewers the saboteur on July 15.” Any early guesses?

Considering all the firings at CBS recently, do you know if all the ‘CSI: NY‘ cast will return for Season 7? – Sara
Apparently not!

Melina Kanakaredes Out At ‘CSI: NY’! Sela Ward In?

Any scoop on ‘Pretty Little Liars‘? – Clarisse
This week’s episode should be interesting as Hannah – armed with a certain piece of “scoop” about Emily – tries to play matchmaker for her gal pal in time for the Homecoming Dance.

I was just wondering if you had any scoop on ‘Caprica‘s second half of the season. Previews and spoilers are just nowhere to be found these days. – Pete
Yeah, Syfy’s being pretty serious about their lockdown on ‘Caprica’ spoilers. The Comic-Con crowd, however, is due to get a fraktastic look at the back half of Season 1 when the freshman series hits Ballroom 20 on Friday, July 23.

How the hell is ‘One Tree Hill‘ going to resolve the shooting of Clay and Quinn? – Michelle
Although Robert Buckley has already all but confirmed his character’s survival of the attack, I have to wonder if he and Quinn (played by Shantel VanSanten) are dunzo, seeing as being popped by your dead wife’s look-alike has got to sour a romance. Robert begged to differ, though. “I think that being shot with someone might be a bonding experience,” he ventured, “if Quinn pulls through as well. We’ll see!”

Hot For Teacher: ‘Life Unexpected’ Adds ‘Melrose’ Hunk

Since I started watching ‘NCIS‘ only recently (on the cable channels) and the shows are not concurrent, could you tell me what happened to the Caitlin character, and when? – Doris
Ah yes. Secret Service employee turned NCIS agent Caitlin “Kate” Todd met her maker in the Season 2 finale “Twilight.” Her final appearance, as a specter, then came in the September 2005 episode “Kill Ari, Part 2.” Kate’s portrayer, Sasha Alexander, now stars opposite Angie Harmon (no relation to Mark) on the brand-new TNT drama ‘Rizzoli & Isles,’ which airs Mondays.

Since ‘Glee‘ gets its popularity from young fans, do you think it can win the Emmy over ‘30 Rock‘? – Adam
Demos shmemos – I would say that ’30 Rock’ (which happens to be coming off an uneven season) is the least of ‘Glee’s worries in the Outstanding Comedy Series race. No, ABC’s ‘Modern Family‘ is the one to beat here, and I can’t imagine that it will be.

Matt, I still miss Emmanuelle Vaugier as ‘CSI: NY’s Detective Angell. Any scoop on her new ‘Covert Affairs‘ role? – ytwopoint0 via Twitter
I attended a screening of the ‘Covert Affairs’ premiere just the other day, and I totes forgot that Emmanuelle had booked a recurring role… until BAM! There her gorgeousness was, going toe-to-toe with Peter Gallagher’s CIA bigwig. Vaugier is playing a hard-nosed D.C. journalist who has a well-placed mole inside the Agency, and frankly Uncle Sam is none to happy about it. USA Network’s ‘Covert Affairs’ premieres this Tuesday at 10/9c.

USA’s New ‘Covert Affairs’ Blends The CIA And Chick Lit

Who where you most excited to see get a Emmy nom, Matt? – Chrisluvstom via Twitter
I thought long and hard about this, and all I came up with was a tie, between ‘Friday Night Lights’ Connie Britton (who slays us every week as Tami Taylor) and ‘Good Wife’s Archie Panjabi (who has created such a compelling character with Kalinda).

With ‘Smallville‘ starting shooting this week, have you heard anything about what lies ahead in the season premiere, “Lazarus”? – eal2727 via Twitter
Well, I can confirm that Allison Mack, despite having just landed an off-Broadway gig that starts in two weeks, will definitely appear in the premiere. Beyond that, I’m hearing that she might squeak into Episode 2 as well before taking some of her previously announced “time off.”

Are Eric Johnson (‘Rookie Blue’) and Bryce Johnson (‘Pretty Little Liars’) related? They sure look it, IMO. – waytosegue via Twitter
Holy Toledo – you’re right! They’re very similar in appearance. And yet no, pure coincidence. While we’re here, did you hear that ABC has renewed ‘Rookie Blue’ for a second season, likely to air summer 2011?

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning TV questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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