‘The Hills’ Goes Off – And So Does Spencer Pratt

Spencer Pratt in disguise at 'The Hills' Live: A Hollywood Ending Finale at The Roosevelt Hotel. (Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Spencer Pratt in disguise at 'The Hills' Live: A Hollywood Ending Finale at The Roosevelt Hotel. (Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

A funny thing happened to me before last night’s star-studded event at the Roosevelt Hotel tributing the conclusion of MTV’s long-running nighttime soap, ‘The Hills.’ What happened? I arrived early, before any of the other journalists, and I ran into the show’s controversial, notoriously volatile one-time bad boy star, Spencer Pratt.

As on the show itself, Pratt was not invited – not at the hotel, not at the party. When I arrived at 3:30 PM, I witnessed Pratt – wearing sunglasses, his hair slicked back – and a group of friends yelling at police officers before being politely told to vacate the premises.

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Apparently neither Pratt nor his estranged wife, Heidi Montag, were invited to the event, and as Pratt later told me, he planned to upstage it with a party of his own. Unfortunately for him, the hotel cancelled his reservations when they found out what he was up to.

But he returned a short time later, walking into the hotel’s Twenty-Five Degrees restaurant with his posse, which now included a deputy from the L.A. Sheriff’s Department as his bodyguard. He shouted, “Drinks on me for everyone here! I want to buy everyone at this bar whatever they are drinking!”

I looked to the bartender and before I could ask, she shook her head no. “I don’t have authority to do that,” she said. Neither did she get it later. After swiping Spencer’s credit card, the message came back: “Please call.” Undeterred, Pratt, sipping a chocolate milkshake, declared, “I’m like Ashton Kutcher,” then hunkered down in a booth and answered some questions.

Watch a clip from ‘The Hills’ series finale:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Hills/41417/1542726847/The-Hills—Finale-Seak-Peek/embed 580 476]

I saw the cops with you less than an hour ago here. What happened?
They weren’t cops. They were officers of the LAPD. ‘Cops’ is not necessarily the right expression. They were informing me to make sure there would be no 415s, which is disturbing the peace. And they asked if I could not be loud and obnoxious. And I said, ‘But what if it’s in my blood, sir?’ And he said, ‘Well as long as you’re having fun, you can be loud and obnoxious.’

What’s the deal? You were supposed to have a party, but now you’re not?
Oh, I’m having a party. The party is in my room. They stopped me from getting my rooms, but I have a few friends, so it works.

Are you crashing the red carpet?
No because that would put me in jail. I’m already at the red carpet. [Not really. We were in the restaurant nearby.]

What’s next for you? Your own reality show perhaps?
I will definitely be putting content out 24/7. Not necessarily reality, because reality is fake. I can manipulate myself.

What’s up with you and Heidi?
She hit me with separation clearly because she can’t handle my fame-whoreness [sic]… to be honest.

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Do you want Heidi back?
I want her back if she can deal with the fame-whoreness [sic]. But we argued too much about how I need to be in the light. You know, she’s like, ‘It’s okay. It’s not the end of the world.’ But for me it is, because I’m not in the light.

Do you have any words for Lauren Conrad on this night celebrating the end of an era?
Yeah. ‘Hey, LC, welcome to my party.’

What do you say to people who think you’ve lost your mind and gone a little crazy?
I guess they didn’t know me when I was boring because I was boring crazy. There was a lightning storm in August when I came out [he means when he was brought into this world], so clearly I was born with less brain cells than anyone else.

Got a question for anyone [his former castmates walking the red carpet]?
Yeah. Will you do me a favor and ask LC what’s it like to be a poser, liar, fakest human who ever graced television airwaves?

Before I left, Spencer asked to buy my press pass from me. “How much would you sell it for?” he questioned. “I can’t. Just show up if you want to. Go get a disguise across the street or something,” I joked.

He took my joking suggestion seriously and about midway through doing interviews on the red carpet, Spencer was spotted across the street – where there are indeed dress and wig shops — dressed as an old man in a grey wig. But he did make it to the red carpet – or the event.

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