‘SYTYCD’: Is An Elimination In Store For Injured Ashley?

Lauren and Mark on SYTYCD (FOX)

Lauren and Mark on SYTYCD (FOX)

Oh no say it isn’t so! Is another dancer biting the dust on ‘So You Think You Can Dance‘ this week due to an injury? Possibly. Ashley – my favorite and possibly the new female frontrunner – is out of commission this week due to an injury to her ribs.

As host Cat Deeley explained, after rehearsals on Monday Ashley was taken to the hospital for severe rib pains and advised not to dance last night.

And, yes, following the rules, this means that Miss Ashley will automatically be in the bottom three this week. If she is still unable to dance for next week’s show, she will suffer the same fate as Alex Wong last week and be eliminated. Speaking of Alex, he taped a video message from his hospital bed following his surgery and reports that his doctors say he’ll “recover well.” Here’s to a speedy recovery, Alex!

But, the show must go on. Once again, the dancers – seven left, but six tonight – hit the floor for two performances – one with a pick-of-the-hat all-star and another with a fellow contestant.

So who made Adam Shankman blow a snot bubble on national television? Who did Mia Michaels compare to a duck? And who did Nigel Lythgoe say was the best of the season?

Read on to find out…

First dance: Contestants and All-Stars

Lauren and Mark, Cultural (Tahitian)
Playing night (Mark) and day (Lauren) in a flirtatious Tahitian dance, the two looked like they should be dancing at a luau instead of on this stage. The costumes overpowered the dance and it just felt a wee bit cheesy. “I have no idea what to say. I don’t know anything about Tahitian,” said Nigel, who dug Lauren’s hip moves. “It would be great for turkeys to do this on Thanksgiving, wouldn’t it?” Mia called it “like a duck in heat and I thought it was amazing.”

Adechike and Anya, Salsa
Wow salsa and Adechike, like oil and vinegar? Why was that so puzzling to watch? Was he nervous? Not enough rehearsal? Is it just me? Something was just not right because Adechike is a much better dancer than this. And, did he not almost drop her in that first flip? Nigel thought it worked just fine. “You really pulled it off tonight,” he said. “I thought the tricks and your leg hinges and all that stuff was awesome,” said Mia, who pointed out a few “bumps here and there.” Adam said, “That choreography was hard! You did great. You never showed a sign of weakness.”

Jose and Courtney, Broadway
What a cute couple! I like these two together. Jose just gets more charming as the weeks go on. That smile and his facial expressions that light up the room simply do not get old. The best dancing tonight? Hell no! I almost feel it was easy enough for me to learn and I have two left feet. Were the judges easy on him again? Yep. “Jose’s greatest strength is his personality,” said Nigel, adding, “I don’t think you danced that very well at all.” Jose looked like he was going to cry. Mia couldn’t even look at him. “You did lose your personality and there was no hope…I just want to give you a big hug. I’m sorry.” Adam agreed, saying, “You need dance lessons.” So sad. Might it be Jose’s week to go home?

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Robert and Allison, Contemporary
Why is he wearing taking-out-the-garbage clothes? First the jammies. Now this? His hotness is hiding under shabby outfits. The routine, however, was anything but shabby. It was downright inspiring, in fact. The piece was about choreographer Travis Wall’s mother who had surgery. They got even got a standing ovation and brought tears to many eyes. “It just transcends television dancing competitions,” said Nigel. Mia balled, saying, “It brings me back to the last week before my mom passed and how much I wanted to fix her and help her…What was just danced on that stage is bigger than anything right now.” Adam ended with, “Travis Wall, if you don’t get an Emmy nomination for that, there is no God. Robert, this is probably was going to be one of the performances of the season…I just literally on national television blew a snot bubble.”

Billy and Anya, Jive
Yes! A jive to one of my favorite songs of all time, Meat Loaf’s Paradise by the Dashboard Light. Genius. The judges loved it too. “Overall, I was much happier seeing what you’re doing this week than I’ve seen doing other styels, so well done,” said Nigel. “I thought that was an absolutely stellar performance from you guys,” said Mia. “It was one of my favorite performances of yours…You were in it to win it,” said Adam.

Kent and Neal, Broadway
Decked out in baseball uniforms and boy-next-door smiles, these two seemed a bit goofy to me at times, but danced impeccably well. “Absolute fantastic routine,” said Nigel. “Kent, you’re the MVP!” Mia said, “I love boys so much.” (Uh, boys, Mia? How about men? Would’ve been funnier if Adam said that, eh?) “Strong male dancing. I loved everything about it,” she added. Adam called it “effortless.”

Second dance with each other:

Lauren and Billy, Jazz
These two were a super cute from the get-go. Great partnership. More please! “Absolutely adorable routine from Mandy Moore,” said Nigel. “That performance and choreography was completely in the pocket. I think it was the cutest thing ever,” gushed Mia. “It’s so happy making,” said Adam. Happy making, indeed.

Jose and allstar Dominic, B-Boy
In the show’s first ever b-boy routine, Jose naturally was in his element and truly shined. “Jose, this is all about did you redeem yourself? Yes. You. Did!” said Nigel. Mia repeated: “I love boys…It was awesome.” Adam added, “That’s the way to show ’em who’s boss.”

Adechike and Kent, Contemporary
Oh, boys will be boys. Stellar moves. Beautiful choreography. Well done. Nigel was in love. “It’s beautiful to watch,” Nigel said to Kent. Nigel also said he thinks Kent could win this thing now that Alex is out. Mia too loved Kent. “Breathtaking,” she said. “It was such an amazing marriage.” Adam said, “You just taught me so much about dance and performance” and refused to critique them separately because they were both so good.

Robert and allstar Kathryn, Disco
Channeling John Travolta big time, Robert scored points with this sexy disco number. “I thought, Robert, in this you didn’t stop. You gave us lines, you gave us the strength,” said Nigel, who called it “tremendous.” Mia didn’t love it as much and said she hopes she never has to see it again. Her complaint? It was “thin” and not masculine enough. Adam thought it was fun and that he sold it.

So, who was your favorite? Who’s gonna hit the bottom three? Comment away!

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