Users Speak: Is TV Exploiting Mel Gibson’s Meltdown?

Mel Gibson in 2004 (Photo: Jean Cummings)

Mel Gibson in 2004 (Photo: Jean Cummings)

If you watched TV news this week, you might be wondering what happened to the oil spill in the Gulf, the war in Afghanistan or even baseball’s All Star game. All were superseded by a story hotter than the sizzling summer temps – Mel Gibson’s tape-recorded meltdown. All week long the media circus brought out their biggest, brightest and loudest experts and blowhards to analyze, question, and dissect Mel’s outrageous tirades. You couldn’t turn on ‘Good Morning America,’ ‘Today,’ ‘The View,’ ‘Access Hollywood,’ ‘The Late Show With David Letterman’ and a slew of others without being blasted by endless coverage of Mad Max’s vicious harangues at his ex, Oksana Grigorieva.

Yes, what’s happened is terrible, but did TV exacerbate the situation? Do we need a new leaked recording every day? At what point do we not need to know? At what point is it TMI – too much intrusion? Are his personal woes really our business? And why are we so fascinated by this whole unsavory mess? Below, our favorite comments of the week.

I just need 5 gallons of gasoline & I’ll be out of everyone’s life. — Mad Max

Tom Cruise can breathe a sigh of relief now, Hollywood has a new whipping boy & his name is Mel, two of Hollywood’s biggest stars, classic example of the media building you up only to tear you down…..I think the message to other big stars is clear…..don’t ever have an opinion… — Chris

Everyone is plain crazy. What you say in the privacy of your own home when arguing is your private business. This woman is not his wife, she had no right to tape him, against the law in California to tape someone without their knowledge. And exactly who is releasing these tapes. Guess we know that one. Mel is wrong in his rants. And as far as him abusing her, that goes on all the time, so why not the uproar over that in all communities. But I would like an honest answer from everyone who is complaining about his rants, have you ever used a racist word in a rant to someone else? Now an honest answer would be appreciated but I know for one it will never be done. — Crazy

I find it odd that for 30+ years Mel never had an outburst of any kind and now 2 in as many years. Perhaps there is something medically wrong with him. — Patriot

The comments about Mel are varied, as they should be. I’d like to know just what his girl friend is really like or what part she plays in his behavior. I’m not excusing bad behavior, but there are two sides to every story. — 5pointsG

I find it amazing that everyone can come to Spears rescue and Lohan but give an old guy who has entertained us for years and let him make mistakes and everyone walks away. We heard her calm voice because she knew she was recording it. If she didn’t know it was being taped her conversation would be a lot different. HE WAS WRONG but where are his buddies, why aren’t they trying to set him straight? — Deb

Mel Gibson has always been such a talented actor and director. It’s very sad to see what has become of him. Also very sad that his ex girlfriend and mother of his child recorded these calls with the intent to profit from his breakdown. — Amber

the whole damn thing is a publicity stunt. what better way to get back in the spotlight than to look like a lunatic. how long will it be before gibson is on some tv show apologizing for his behavior. yeh you can say you won’t watch it but you know you will. — D

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