JoAnna Garcia: Nobody’s Sabotaging My Wedding!

JoAnna Garcia in 'Revenge Of The Bridesmaids' (ABC Family)

JoAnna Garcia in 'Revenge Of The Bridesmaids' (ABC Family)

What do you get when two friends discover that a golddigger is out to marry the love of their BFF’s life? You have ‘Revenge Of The Bridesmaids,’ an ABC Family original movie (airing Sunday at 8/7c) in which JoAnna Garcia (‘Privileged’) and Raven Symone (‘That’s So Raven’) go “undercover” as bridesmaids to sabotage the aforementioned nuptials, and thus keep their gal pal’s heart from shattering.

The movie represents a bit of art kinda imitating life for Garcia, who only recently got engaged to New York Yankees slugger Nick Swisher. Fancast spoke to the actress about that coinkydink, her own “big league” wedding plans, and her ABC sitcom premiering this fall – in which she plays a new fiancée, natch.

So you’re a bridesmaid here, on ‘Better With You’ you’re engaged, and you’re heading for a wedding in real life. The universe hasn’t been too subtle for you, has it?
[Laughs] I know! All this good fortune…. It’s been amazing.

Did ‘Revenge Of The Bridesmaids’ give you any ideas on what to do – or not to do – for your own wedding?
Definitely things not to do. I mean, the dresses…. I’m going to put my bridesmaids in something a little bit different than that. And I’m just hoping my bridesmaids like me a little more than we like the bride-to-be here!

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What can you reveal about your and Nick’s wedding plans? Have you decided on anything yet?
I definitely have been cruising along with the planning. But the first thing we did was hire a great wedding planner and say, “Have fun! Have at it!”

Will the entrée options be chicken, fish or Yankee Frank?
Totally. That’s exactly what we have on the menu.

Present company excepted [ahem], do you need to worry about anyone trying to sabotage your wedding?
No, thank goodness. All of my bridesmaids are really happy and like my man.

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How was Raven Symoné as a coconspirator?
She’s hilarious. So funny. I remember her from her ‘Cosby’ days, and she has a huge following from ‘That’s So Raven,’ so I knew she’d be ready to play ball.

In real life, have you ever taken a grand step to keep a gal pal from being wronged?
I did, one time. I kind of “pushed” a girl out of the way because she was trying to make out with my best friend’s man. And then I took care of him later! That girl to this day probably doesn’t like me very much.

And when you say you “pushed” her….
I used what god gave me in the rump and sort of urged her along…. It was an “ass-check,” if you will.

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What’s the juicy story behind your new ABC show’s name change, from ‘Better Together’ to ‘Better With You’?
I never know! I just got an email saying, “Hey, it’s now ‘Better With You.'” “Sweet, let’s get to work!” We start at the beginning of August.

I saw the pilot and it of course has a lot of work to do, establishing each of the three couples, including your and Jennifer Finnigan’s’ parents (played by Debra Jo Rupp and Kurt Fuller). Beyond that, what will a typical episode look like?
There’s a lot of chemistry on the cast, so ultimately we’re looking forward to being able to interchange the characters and not have it necessarily be about each of the couples. We have a lot of story to work with – [my character’s] pregnancy, a marriage – so there are a lot of places to go.

And will the sisters and their mates have a pool of friends to play with?
Definitely. We started with a small cast, and we’re going to expand from there. Our writers are the writers from ‘Friends,’ so they know about how to work with a mix of people!

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