‘Leverage’s Christian Kane Gets In Some New Licks

'Leverage's Christian Kane (TNT)

'Leverage's Christian Kane (TNT)

This Sunday on TNT’s ‘Leverage,’ the bad guys will be singin’ the blues when Eliot delivers a different kind of hit, posing as a country music up-and-comer. That’s right: Christian Kane is getting the chance to mix his music chops with his karate chops. The multitalented actor shared with Fancast a preview of the episode, in which good ol’ boy John Schneider (‘Dukes Of Hazzard’) plays an evil music honcho.

Is this week’s episode, “The Studio Job,” a case of the producers knowing you can sing, but waiting for just the right time?
Exactly. John Rogers, our series creator, has talked about doing it since the second episode. He kept teasing the fans and teasing me, so I don’t think there was any way to get out of it.

Did you have any input?
I had a lot of input, as a matter of fact. [Laughs] I told John I really want to take down a record company. I was pretty adamant about that.

Is Eliot reluctant at all to pose as a singer?
He’s not. Eliot knew he could do this; I just don’t think the others did.

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Tell me about “Thinking Of You,” the song you cowrote and sing in the episode.
It was written a couple of years actually – and it was written about a girl. It’s funny how many of my songs happen to be about a girl [Laughs] It’s basically a little goodbye kiss, like, “Go ahead and go, but remember me.”

Given the episode’s theme, is it safe to say that Eliot at one point clobbers someone with a guitar?
You would be right about that! Eliot’s always looking for something to hit people with.

Are there any new combat techniques or styles you get to trot out this season?
We’re about to start the season finale right now, and there’s going to be a new concept used that we haven’t seen Eliot use before. He typically uses a lot of kali [combat], because it’s close-range, and you do see some wrestling…. But he’s always looking for something new.

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Aldis Hodge told me there are some good Eliot-Hardison capers ahead.
I had the time of my life this season. They’re like, “Let’s put these two guys in a room and let them have at it,” because they love each other to death but they also hate each other to death, and it so fun to see that dynamic. They gave us a great note when we first started out: If you watch ‘Independence Day,’ most of the stuff with Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith was off the page. That gave me and Aldis a big green light to go ahead and experiment.

Turning from “bromance” to romance: Will any women catch Eliot’s eye this season?
[Laughs] Eliot’s the fifth wheel. Everyone has their little fling thing within the crew. John Rogers put it best when he said, “Eliot’s weekends are full.”

Were there any guest stars you got to work with more than others?
We’ve got more guest stars this year than we ever had. John Schneider is on this week, so I got to fight one of my ultimate heroes from when I was a kid! We got Bill Engvall coming in, we had Richard Chamberlain [in the premiere]…. We’ve been very fortunate.

And what’s next for your music career?
I appreciate you asking. You can get the song from Sunday night’s episode on iTunes, as the show airs. Plus, my first [solo] single, called “The House Rules,” is going to be out in September, and I’ll be traveling all over the U.S. to promote that. We’ve got a video coming out that Tim Hutton directed, and Aldis has a little cameo in it… It’s going to be so much fun.

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