Snag Films’ SummerFest Premiere: ‘The Age of Stupid’

Over the next several weeks, Snag Films will be holding their annual SummerFest of cool and interesting independent films and documentaries, and Fancast is where you can get in on the action.

Kicking off SummerFest this year is a stirring, brutally honest film about how desperate people from the future will view our wasteful, environmentally short-sighted present entitled The Age of Stupid. In the year 2055, unchecked climate change has ravaged the planet. Pete Postlethwaite plays the founder of The Global Archive, a storage facility located in the melted Arctic, preserving all of humanity’s achievements in the hope that the planet might one day be habitable again. Using clips of archival news and documentaries dating back to 1950 to create a detailed analysis to illustrate what went wrong in our time and why, his exploration includes compelling footage and delves into the complex issues facing us in our world today.

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For more on the film, check out the Indiewire interview with director Franny Armstrong, in which she explains the unique blend of documentary and drama. “The original idea was to follow five different people, with none of them being the ‘good guy’ or the ‘bad guy,’ because the issue is not black and white. We made the film as a pure documentary and showed the rough cut to investors. What we found was that everyone who was already into climate change thought it was brilliant, but everyone else didn’t get the links between the different people followed. It wasn’t anything greater than the sum of its parts, and it was never going to go mainstream, which defeated the point. So we had a few dark months there while we found the structure to make it work.”

You can watch The Age of Stupid right here, and stay tuned to Fancast for the next several Fridays to see the next selection in the Snag Films SummerFest extravaganza.

The Age of Stupid (Snag Films)

The Age of Stupid (Snag Films)

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