‘SYTYCD’: Ashley’s Departure Has A Silver Lining

Ashley and Cat Deeley on SYTYCD (FOX)

Ashley and Cat Deeley on SYTYCD (FOX)

As predicted, another dancer did indeed bite the dust this week due to an injury, forcing Ashley Galvan out on ‘So You Think You Can Dance.’

The bad news is that the leading female dancer on the show suffered a rib injury that requires three to five weeks of healing. The good news is that executive producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe announced that she will be on the ‘SYTYCD’ tour that starts this September. Woo Hoo!

“Everything happens for a reason. Personally, I didn’t want to leave but I didn’t want to further injure myself because I do have something to look forward to, which is the tour,” Ashley told us after the elimination show Thursday night.

So what happened to her rib exactly?

“It’s one cracked rib on my left side,” she explained. “I was partnered a lot this season. I really don’t know how it happened. But for some reason everybody just loves lifting me. It just kind of progressed as I kept getting lifted and stuff like that.”

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If you watched the show, you saw poor Ashley crying in her goodbyes and then saying, “I’m sorry.” I thought she was apologizing for crying (no need to of course), but that’s not what her tears were for, she told us. “My injury,” she laughed. “It sucks that I wasn’t able to be with everybody on Wednesday and for it to be my last day today. It really does suck. So I wasn’t ready to go.”

Unlike Alex Wong, who left last week due to an injury, Ashley is not planning on coming back to the show next season. “I’m not upset,” she added. “I feel like this was my season. I feel like if I were to be asked to come back, I probably would but going on the tour is such an amazing opportunity and I’m so looking forward to doing that. What happened to Alex was such a tragedy and he deserves everything because he’s such a hard worker.”

Head’s up for next week: Mia Michaels is choreographing the group number at the top of next Thursday’s show and she says “it shows how much I love to live in a very quirky land – a very Mia land. Welcome to Mia in Wonderland.”

With Ashley out now, who do you think is the frontrunner? Mia thinks it’s Kent. What do you think about that? Hit the comments!

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