So You Think You Can Dance Makes Waitress Christina Perri A Star

Former waitress Christina Perri has found stardom through So You Can Think You Can Dance.  (Fox)

Former waitress Christina Perri has found stardom through So You Can Think You Can Dance. (Fox)

Did you watch when Christina Perri’s dreams came true? Were you part of the magic that created the silver lining to her bad breakup?

Two weeks ago Perri was a want-to-be but unsigned singer-songwriter working as a waitress at the Melrose Cafe in Los Angeles. Then a friend gave her song “Jar of Hearts,’ written last December following the end to a relationship, to ‘So You Think You Can Dance‘s Stacey Tookey, who used it for a dance she choreographed for contestants Billy Bell and Kathryn McCormick on the show airing June 30.

Watch the routine – and Tookey work out the moves – below.

But guess what happened?

People bought the song. In droves. Though Perri was without a record deal, “Jar of Hearts” went top 20 on iTunes (as high as #13). It also appeared alongside – and ahead of – major artists on various Billboard charts, including Diddy and Miley Cyrus. In the sweetest deal of all, though, Perri sat at the piano and sang the song live on last Thursday’s SYTYCD results show as All Star dancers Neil Haskell and Allison Holker performed. The exposure has since resulted in sales of more than 100,000!

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It also resulted in a wild and weird turn of events in the Philadelphia-born Perri’s life. “The Friday before the show, I was having the worst day ever at work,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “I was getting yelled at, and there were terrible things happening, almost to where I thought I was in some show. I’m like, “Okay, this isn’t real.”

It seemed even more unreal when she was asked to perform live on the show last Thursday. “I am very nervous, but very excited,” she said beforehand. Asked if she would dance if so requested, she said, “Uh, no. I’m going to stick to singing.”

As of now, the still-unsigned artist is in a daze. “It doesn’t really feel real yet,” Perri told “I keep pinching myself. I don’t want to sleep because I’m afraid I’m going to wake up or something. But it is real, and So You Think You Can Dance has just changed my whole life.”

So You Think You Can Dance airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8PM on FOX. Watch full episodes you’ve missed right here.

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