Comic-Con Starts Early with the First Look at ‘The Goon’

The big-time San Diego International Comic-Con starts on Wednesday, but it looks like the sneak-preview footage extravaganza is starting a bit early with the release of the first look at the dark and twisted animated flick The Goon, produced by Fight Club director David Fincher and featuring the voice of Academy Award nominee Paul Giamatti.

The Goon is an indie comic horror-comedy-drama comic book series created by Eric Powell. It’s about a muscle-bound legbreaker who for a mobster named Labrazio, and who gets into a lot of shenanigans with his sick little friend Franky, usually involving the plague of the undead jerks that infests the town and all the local haunts. This footage looks exactly like the comic book does, which likely means Powell’s offend-at-any-cost style (he did write a book called Satan’s Sodomy Baby, after all) won’t be compromised in the least.

Watch the brand new footage from the animated movie The Goon.

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