‘Bachelorette’ Ali Dishes On Frank Drama: ‘Thank God He Left!’

Ali (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Ali Fedotowsky (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Last night’s ‘Bachelorette’ was definitely a soap opera: there was beauty(!), romance(!), and a lover’s betrayal(!). And it was the betrayal that served as the ultimate buzzkill for Ali Fedotowsky’s growing mojo at finding a hubby.

We caught up with Miss Sunshine to get into the nitty gritty about how she feels about Frank Neuschaefer’s naughty act and what the truth is behind all those tabloid rumors.

Did you watch the show last night? What was it like seeing what you went through with Frank?
I absolutely did. It was hard—it was really hard. I felt like I almost relived it a little bit. Of course, I got hundreds of texts from family and friends…and I was like, ‘Thanks! I could’ve used the support three months ago!’ But right now I’m really happy and moved on, and even though it was emotional to watch, I shut the TV off at the end of the night and smiled and thought, ‘Thank God he left!’ I’m so much better off for it…and everything happens for a reason.”

Relive the Frank Shocker:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Bachelorette/38/1543853671/Frank-Goes-to-Chicago/embed 580 476]

Are you still angry with him? Do you think he’s worse than Justin?
I think that Justin’s intentions were worse, but I actually think what Frank did and the effect he had on me was much worse. It’s hard to say who is the bigger villain. I don’t have any ill feelings towards Frank — I only have positive things to say about him. But I do think Frank came on the show knowing he wanted to come home to his girlfriend, and I don’t really think she was an ‘ex’ as much as he said she was. I feel a little angry he stayed as long as he did. He kept saying ‘I wanted to figure out ‘Was it you? or Was it her?’ And I was thinking, ‘Frank, you are not the Bachelor! I’m the one trying to figure out ‘Is it him? or Is it him?’ I feel like he did what was best for him in the end, but he did it at my expense.”

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Do you think fame played a part in him staying on the show as long as he did?
That’s a hard question. To be frank — no pun intended — yes, I do. He said in one of his things, ‘When I make it to the final four that is one thing—now it’s the final three!’ I’m thinking why are you looking at this in numbers? You should be here to be number one! Why are you looking at it as getting farther in the competition?”

What can we expect from the Men Tell All show next week?
Girls can dish some drama, but guys can dish it out, too! I don’t know what’s going to be shown yet, but I think they’re gonna pull out some pretty funny stuff.

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There have been so many differing tabloid reports about what happens in the end — some say you’re engaged while others are saying you’re devastated. What do you have to say about them? Are there any that you can tell us that are flat-out lies?
The one that says I’m ‘devastated’ is a flat-out lie because I’m very happy right now! I’ve seen [one report] that says I’m heartbroken and alone [but] I am definitely not unhappy! I’m feeling very good about where I am in my life right now, and I feel good about the decision I’ve made.”

If you could do the process all over again, is there anything you’d change?
Definitely not. Maybe if I ate a little healthier [laughs] I did not eat healthy in that three-month long trip! But in terms of the decisions I made and the things that I did, I really would not do anything differently.”

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