Preview: Who Needs ‘Weeds’ When You Can Have Hash?

Mary Louise Parker in Weeds (Showtime)

Mary Louise Parker in Weeds (Showtime)

Say what you will about the negative impact of ‘Weeds‘ wobbly storylines. The truth is, what once began as a subversive dramedy about a single suburban pot dealing mom has mutated into something very different. And at times (we’re looking at you, maternity store/money laundering season four) something difficult to digest. As a result, viewers have fled. But if the trailer for season six reveals anything, it’s that there’s hope for the aging series (or else someone did a really great job editing this promo).

As the season starts, The Botwin’s are on the run following Shane’s deft employment of a croquet mallet as a murder weapon. They head North to settle down and reinvent themselves as The Newman’s. They start working at a hotel. Nancy wears a crazy wig and learns how to make hash.  Andy appears to be some sort of pirate pastry chef. And Shane and Silas become a nanny and a bellhop, respectively. Freeloader Doug is left not-so-alone to his devices, and Celia – well Celia isn’t in this preview because Elizabeth Perkins won’t be returning this season.

Take a peek at the trailer below and let us know: will you be watching this season?

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