Jon Gosselin Gets Fit, Hits the Beach

Jon Gosselin Hits the Beach (Photo: In Touch)

Jon Gosselin Hits the Beach (Photo: In Touch)

Is Jon Gosselin shaping up?

A slimmed down Jon was snapped catching some waves July 8th in Ocean City, N.J.

In Touch Weekly published new pics of the ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8‘ star having some fun in the sun with girlfriend Ellen Ross–and looking more fit than he has in a long time.

‘Kate Plus 8’ Under Scrutiny

The reality TV dad developed a reputation as quite the partier after his marriage to Kate Gosselin fell apart, and the wear and tear started to show (Jon plus booze = beer gut). But now Jon almost appears to have some abs going on!

“Jon’s made time for himself,” says a friend of Jon’s to In Touch.

His main motivation? His eight kids. (No, not his twenty-something girlfriend. Allegedly.)

“Jon’s own dad never took care of himself and died at an early age, so Jon is doing whatever he can to ensure he’ll be around for his kids as long as possible.”

Jon Gosselin Is Writing a Book

“He feels better and looks better than ever,” the insider added.

Do you think Jon Gosselin looks good?

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