Deep Soap: Watch Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo Back At Work

Vanessa Marcil (ABC)

Vanessa Marcil (ABC)

Brenda is In the Building! Repeat, Brenda is in the Building!

The Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo returns to ‘General Hospital hype is getting out of control.  I am starting to wonder if Brenda’s return storyline will have her dying (from a mobster’s bullet of course), then rising from her grave three days later and being worshiped by all the residents of Port Charles.  Here’s a “viral video” proving that Giovinazzo is back at work.  She holds a champagne glass and smiles at the camera!  OMG!

I may mock the hype, but it’s great to see Brenda back on the set. Yesterday, news broke that Brad Rowe, who once upon the time was touted as being the next Brad Pitt, and does bear a resemblance to the movie star in his pre-mountain man beard days, will play movie star Murphy Sinclair, who is “involved” with Brenda.  A famous actor, (with the exception of Mel Gibson), sounds like a better boyfriend than a mobster.

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Mini-Rant: Why Aren’t Soaps At Comic Con?

I am writing this from the press room at the San Diego Comic Con, the country’s, if not the world’s largest pop culture convention. It long ago ceased to be just about comic books and sci-fi.

There are panels for nearly every hit television show,  as well as a lot of the hot fall pilots and major movies.

This is where pop cultural buzz is generated, where little known films become must-sees based on ten minutes of footage. There are panels for obscure anime that does not air in the U.S. and collectors of antique action figures.

The only pop culture genre not represented is daytime soaps. If the networks wanted to actually promote the soaps to a new audience, as well as give current fans a chance to interact with stars, they’d be here.  ABC, CBS, and NBC all have a huge presence. They could easily have their daytime stars signing autographs along with everyone else, give out promotional stickers and buttons, and do everything that they are doing for their other shows.  If ABC wants people to know that Vanessa is back, this is where they should send her.

A soap panel would absolutely attract an audience.  If they were really smart, they’d schedule the soap panel before a hot primetime panel since people here will sit through four panels they do not want to see to get to the one that they do.  People of all ages and races from all over the country have flocked here to celebrate their love for pop culture. I walked past the four hours long line for the USA network panels and overheard a young woman, in costume as something I am not hip enough to recognize, saying, “Nathan Fillion used to play Joey Buchanan on ‘One Life To Live.'”   What a missed opportunity.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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