‘SYTYCD’ Cursed? Billy Bell’s The Third Dancer Injured

Kent and Kathryn on SYTYCD (FOX)

Kent and Kathryn on SYTYCD (FOX)

Never in the history of ‘So You Think You Can Dance‘ have there been three weeks in a row with injured dancers unable to hit the floor.

First it was Alex Wong.
Then it was Ashley Galvan.
Now it’s Billy Bell.

“There’s something going wrong this season and we don’t know what it is. We’re going to bring people in to help us and do warm-ups or something,” said executive producer/judge Nigel Lythgoe on Wednesday night’s show.

“We’ve lost Billy Bell this week,” he continued. “Unfortunately. He’s injured his knee. He’s been inspected by a couple of doctors both of whom have said, ‘You’re okay to perform if you feel okay.’ And Billy doesn’t. Billy knows his body better than anybody and Billy certainly does not feel as though he can perform this week.”

Naturally, if you can’t dance, into the bottom three you go. And, if he is still too injured to dance, he’ll automatically be sent home.

So will Billy suffer the same fate as Alex the Ashley and have to leave too? Or will he be back to dance next week? “I think so,” Kent told us on the latter backstage after the show.

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“He is doing his best to make sure that he is healthy for next week,” Lauren added.

Surprisingly, the remaining five contestants don’t think there’s a curse. “No. I’m super proactive about my injuries. I just make sure I’m eating healthy, staying hydrated and stretching and going to physical therapy,” said Lauren.

“I’m not worried. There’s no curse. Just freak accidents,” said Robert. “It’s just weird that it happened three weeks in a row. I’m praying that Billy’s going to be okay.”

Allstar tWitch had some advice for the contestants on how to prevent injuries: “You really have to be body conscious. You have to do everything in your power to help your body out through these weeks – eat fruit, eat good food, drink water, work out, stretch afterward, get in the hot tub, get in the sauna.”

Meanwhile, helping to celebrate the 150th episode in six years and seven seasons was director/producer/choreographer Kenny Ortega (‘High School Musical,’ Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ tour, ‘Dirty Dancing’) at the judges’ table for the first time. “It’s really a privilege and an honor,” Kenny said.

Here’s the rundown on this week’s dancing showdown:

First dance:

Lauren & tWitch, Hip-Hop, NappyTabs:
The last girl standing played a badass in a cowgirl vs. cowboy showdown with one of my favorite allstars. And, I hate to say it, but I do believe she won that showdown! “You just tore it up out there. That was hot, hot, hot,” said Adam Shankman. Mia Michaels said, “Giddy up! You went so hard.” Kenny, who was glad to “finally have a front row seat” to his favorite show, chose to quote Big & Rich: “Save a horse. Ride a cowboy.” Giddy up, indeed! Nigel also gave her major props too and called her a “nasty buck.”

Jose & Allison: Contemporary, Sonya Tayeh
He’s not trained. He’s not the best dancer. He gets “pedestrian” routines. Fine. But I, and the judges, still l-o-v-e our Jose. Is it all about his smile and personality? Perhaps. Do you just want to hug him? Yepper. Will he make it another week? After this week’s performance, I’m thinking probably not. The judges were once again relatively gentle with him, though. Adam loved his character, commitment and partner-work, but criticized his dancing. Par for the course with Jose, as he’s never been a strong dancer. Mia felt the same way. “I didn’t see much growth technically,” she said.

Robert & Lauren: Jazz, Tyce Diorio
When Robert said the number was all about seduction, he wasn’t kidding. These two were smoking together. This routine took Robert – who turned 20 last night- from a boy to a man in my humble opinion. And to a “My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult” track? Such an edgy choice for such a family show. “You guys were smoking!” said Adam. (Hello? I said it first!) Mia called him a “solid dancer.”

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/CelebTV/105735/1549643415/Billy-Bell-Injured-on-SYTYCD/embed 580 476]

Kent & Kathryn, Jazz, Sonya Tayeh
Jazz-hands down, my favorite dance of the evening. I usually think Kent can be a tad corny, but boy oh boy did this dance excite! And, that hand spring?! Jeez Louise. Adam was thrilled too: “Wow. Oh my God. The entire audience just screamed ‘We love you Kent.’ That was insane.” Mia, though, said that it was a bit juvenile and it bothered her a bit. Kenny said, “Kent, you’re awesome. Truly…I think you are the guy to beat. You’re amazing.” Nigel praised his great mix of technique and personality, and thought he out-danced the allstars. Ouch to Kathryn!

Adechike & Comfort, Lyrical Hip Hop, NappyTabs
Portraying a break-up – complete with a slap to the face – these two played it with perfect passion and precision. “You’re like Mary J. Blige in a dancer,” said Mia. “It moved to another level with this routine,” said Nigel. As for those tears? Adechike joked afterwards, “Well, she slapped me pretty hard…But no it was a real moment. It wasn’t just the choreography. It was just an honest raw moment. I tapped into something deep.” We feel you, Adechike. Keep it up.

Second dance:

Robert & Lauren, Samba, Dmitry Chaplin
Sexy, hot and steamy is what Robert promised and that’s exactly what they delivered. “I want a t-shirt that says, ‘You shot me with your butt,” said Adam of Lauren’s booty shake. “My butt is bigger and more famous than I am at this point,” joked Lauren after the show. Move over Kim Kardashian!

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Adechike & Jose, Paso Doble, Dmitry Chaplin
Ah, another fighting routine with two dudes. This one worked much better, I must say. “You guys were completely connected in your partnership,” said Adam. Jose got criticized for not “stretching” his legs and Adechike needed more “abandon.” Mia said, “They did okay with it. You guys were beautiful to look at.” (Remember, she likes her boys!) Kenny credited them for “giving it your all,” but, er, didn’t seem to love it. “I agree with my diplomatic colleagues,” said Nigel. “It was a valiant effort.” I’ll say it again: I do believe Jose’s lovely smile is on the chopping block this week.

Kent and tWitch, Stepping, Chuck Maldonado
Wow, the audience was truly gaga over Kent. Was he really that good or will those girls just scream for anything he does? Okay, it was a pretty freakin’ great routine, but, dang, you’d think the Beatles hit the stage. “Thank you to Kent Boyd for kicking its ass!” exclaimed Adam. “There is no way I thought you had that in you. You killed it,” he continued. Mia called it “disgusting and filthy and gross and amazing.” Disgusting=good? Yep! Mia also said he is the one to beat. Hmmm. Two for two tonight. What does Kent think of the ‘one to beat’ comments? “Nahhhh,” he told us after the show. “I’m just taking it day by day. That’s all I’m doing.”

The best bits of their third dance – individual solos:
Adechike: The Body. Let’s just nickname him that now. Robert: Nothing. Boring and hated his pajamas…again. Sorry.
Lauren: Her girl power! She’s finally owning it.
Jose: Come on! That smile, of course!
Kent: Hello, biceps. Why am I just noticing them NOW?

Who is your favorite now? Who is going home? Hit the comments.

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