Angelina Jolie Says ‘Salt’ Is The Best Action Movie She’s Done

Angelina Jolie drew a big crowd at the San Diego Comic-Con as she arrived dressed up in a pretty tight and sexy black outfit to plug her brand new film Salt, which opens today, but there’s still not much she can say about the big mystery spy thriller that leaves its main character’s motivations obscured in all its advertising. Even to the gathered throngs, she had to dance around going into too much detail, but she did suggest that Salt is the best action movie she’s ever done.

“I love doing action, and I love doing dramatic films and I’ve never really been able to combine them,” Jolie said. “I’ve had so much fun doing certain films, but you can get away with so much when it’s fantasy. You can bend a bullet, you can jump off some thing that doesn’t really exist. You can have fun and stretch imagination, but for this one it was such a nice challenge. We have to work so much harder to convince the audience that all these things are absolutely possible, and so my style got meaner and harder and darker and it wasn’t as fun and pretty, and that made it, I think, better. I think these stunts in this movie make it a better action movie than the ones I’ve done.”

“I think she’s a fascinating character. You can never talk about her because it’s all a secret and you have to let the pieces unravel, but she’s a really interesting kind of damaged, unusual type of person.” Later, she joked that “There’s something a little off about her, and maybe there’s something a little off about me, so it seemed like a good match.”

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She also revealed that, with all the stuntwork she did for the film, the one she injured herself on was what she called “one of the most ridiculously easy stunts in the movie,” which wound up leaving her with a little scar between her eyes. “I just had to jump into a door and shoot sideways and roll to the ground, and I rolled right into a desk and cracked the front of my head open. Then I thought I had some problem because I couldn’t hear anybody well. I thought ‘oh my god, I’ve done it, I’ve got a concussion,’ but I’d forgotten I had my earplugs in for the gun.”

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