New ‘Dexter’ Season Will Focus On Fatherhood, No Central Serial Killer

Dexter Season 5 (Showtime)

Dexter Season 5 (Showtime)

The upcoming season of ‘Dexter‘ will be unlike any other.  With both Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and viewers still reeling from the Trinity Killer murdering Rita (Julie Benz) in last season’s finale, the Showtime drama will take on a different feel and structure.  The show’s stars and producers spilled some of the secrets of the fifth season (Sept 26) at a press conference at San Diego Comic-Con.

There Will Not Be a Central Serial Killer This Season. Says Executive Producer Sara Colleton, “We already decided last season we didn’t want to go into the same formula of having Dexter deal with one major adversary that he met early on. So it required a way to recalibrate things, and yet, at the same time deliver the same pleasure to the audience.” New Executive Producer Manny Coto, who previously worked on ’24’ says,  “It’s not going to be like any other season.  It’s a real departure.”

The New Season Starts Right Where the Old One Ended. According to Jennifer Carpenter (Deb) “We pick up right where we left off. ” Executive Producer Sara Carrelton explained that the writers felt that it would be cheating to pick up months later and not deal with all of the immediate aftermath of Rita’s murder.

People Will Suspect Dexter of Rita’s Murder. Says Executive Producer Sara Collelton, “In real life, when a spouse is killed, ninety percent of the time it’s either the husband or the wife who dunnit. Dexter’s alibi: he’s on a boat.”

Julia Stiles’ New Character Lumen Will Present A Challenge to Dexter. According to Collelton, “He has to deal with this damaged woman and it becomes an interesting part of the path he takes to atonement, which is really what this year is all about, atonement for the fact that he is responsible for his wife’s death. Says Coto, “Dexter has to deal with a woman unlike anyone he’s ever met before.”

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Dexter Struggles With His Responsibilities as a Single Dad. Says Colleton, “Dexter’s going to deal with grief, and all of the human emotions that one would feel, in his unique fashion.  But it would not take the form that one would expect. Last year he was really thinking he could have it all and now he’s going to be dealing with being a single Dad of three kids, his job, and, of course, his familiar, the dark passenger, who will never let him go.”  According to Coto, Dexter’s attempts at single fatherhood are a big part of the season. “Deb has to assume a lot of responsibility that she’s never had.  She’s always had Dexter to be the big brother so she tries to be strong for him.  Her and Dexter trying to take care of kids is a recipe for disaster.”

Deb’s Attempts to Locate Harry’s Mistress Won’t Go As Planned. Says James Remar, “All of the women that Deb investigates as potential Harry mistresses all turn out to not have been his mistress.  The only one that really is confirmed is Dexter’s dead Mom.”  But Deb will grow up this season.  According to Carpenter, “The way the season starts, she thinks that suddenly she and Dexter are on some common ground.  She’s thinking that the flood gates might open and he might open up to her.  But it doesn’t happen in the first four episodes. This year I feel like it’s about standing up straight, being mature, choosing my words.  She’s calculating.  She’s thinking more like a cop.”

Harry Helps Dexter Get His Act Together. “We’ve shot a couple of very moving scenes where Dexter is really quite pent up after the loss of Rita,” says James Remar.  “Harry appears to him in a time where he needs a real catharsis over Rita’s loss and says, “Got to get back on the beam,” because he’s so filled with uncertainty at that point.  He helps him get reorganized.  A disorganized serial killer is one that ends up getting caught. “

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