Piers Morgan Won’t Leave ‘Talent’ If CNN Comes Calling

Piers Morgan (NBC)

Piers Morgan (NBC)

Even though he’s up for Larry King’s job on CNN, Piers Morgan isn’t planning to leave the show that introduced him to American audiences: NBC’s ‘America’s Got Talent.’

“Oh, well, with whatever happens with regard to CNN, I will definitely be staying on ‘America’s Got Talent’ for three more years,” Morgan told Fancast after Wednesday’s taping of this week’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ quarterfinals eliminations in Hollywood.

Although Morgan stayed mum about details of the possible deal with CNN, he joked that he looked forward to competing with famously hot-button, right-leaning news-commentator hosts Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity, the prime-time giants on CNN’s main cable ratings competition, Fox News.

Morgan was hired by Fox News CEO Rupert Murdoch at age 28 to edit the U.K. tabloid News of the World in 1994, reportedly becoming the youngest British national newspaper editor in more than 50 years.

“Might be fun,” Morgan, 45, said with a grin, of the prospect of taking on Fox News. “I mean, I got trained by Rupert Murdoch. So that’s [their] boss, isn’t it?”

Larry King Isn’t Too Impressed With Piers Morgan

CNN is said to be shaking up its prime-time lineup to goose ratings, particularly compared to Fox News.

Morgan told Fancast Wednesday, “All I will say is that [CNN] is obviously one the great news networks in the world. The ‘Larry King’ slot, which is going to be available because he’s giving it out, is the most coveted slot in the world of interviewing. So, as an interviewer, like everybody else, it would be an extraordinary thing to be.”

No announcement has yet to be made by CNN on who will replace King.

Morgan’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ fellow judges Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne and host Nick Cannon are universally supportive of Morgan’s apparent ambition to take over for King.

Watch The Results From This Week’s ‘AGT’:

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“I think he is definitely the perfect choice for Larry King,” Mandel tells Fancast. “What people don’t know in America is that his background is journalism. In Britain, as a TV journalist, he has a very in-depth one-hour one-on-one that he does with people. And, that is not unlike going to dinner with him. I didn’t realize how good he was to get to the crux of whatever he needs to get. That’s what dinner was like. I thought we were just going to go out for a nice friendly dinner. I had the most in-depth interview and most revealing time of my life going out with Piers. He is an asset to wherever he will end up, and whatever color suspenders he is wearing.”

Cannon jokes that Morgan has the sharp edge necessary for the job.

“Mix a little bit of his jerkness with a little bit of his snideness, with that quarter-ounce of that charm that he has, it would be great,” Cannon says. “I hope that he would stay [on ‘AGT’], but, I mean, he would be great for that show.”

Osbourne, who has worked alongside Morgan the longest on ‘AGT’ (since 2007), says Morgan could multi-task both TV jobs just fine, in the mold of the L.A. morning radio, E! News, and ‘American Idol’-juggling Ryan Seacrest.

“Of course. We all can, we all do, all three of us,” Osbourne says. “Howie does stand-up and has a production company. I do other shows. Piers does other shows. It just makes you a more well-rounded judge at the end of the day.”

Osbourne adds of Morgan’s ability, “He is the only one to take over that gig that I know of who has got the education [and] the years behind him. He’s a phenomenal journalist, anyway. He’s an incredible writer, a great journalist. He’s got the typical journalistic mind that it takes for that job. He can go and talk to world leaders. He can talk about pop culture. He is well-versed. He is perfect for that job.”

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