Users Speak: Are You On Team Griffin Or Team Hasselbeck?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Kathy Griffin (Photo: Getty Images)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Kathy Griffin (Photo: Getty Images)

This week in celebrity feuds: On Monday, ‘The View‘s Elisabeth Hasselbeck called Kathy Griffin “scum” after the comic referred to Senator Scott Brown’s daughters as “prostitutes.” Griffin’s quip from her Bravo reality show ‘My Life on the D-List,’ referred to a statement Brown made during his Senate victory speech earlier this year in which he joked daughters Ayla and Arianna were “available.” Griffin responded to Hasselbeck’s outrage by telling E!’s Marc Malkin that she could “Suck it.” Can’t we all just get along? Our questions to you: Did Griffin go too far in using children as comedic fodder? And should she have apologized? Or did Hasselbeck just blow the joke out of proportion? Below, our favorite comments of the week:

I love Kathy Griffin. Her comment was meant to be a joke, she is a comedian after all. On the other hand Elizabeth who tries to be a talk show host and fails badly. I wished she would just go away. Barbara wake up and replace Elisabeth. Any other conservative would be better than her. I’m so tired of her views. We should start a petition to get Elisabeth off the View. — Jerry

I think Elizabeth is scum! She disrepects President Obama so much and so often that I find her annoying and she acts like TPT “Trailer Park Trash.” I’m still waiting for her to say President Obama rather than Barack Obama. EH is one hateful “b”, and I dont’t watch the View anymore because I despise EH! –Reesie

One ‘View’: Hasselbeck’s Right In Her Fight With Griffin

First of all Kathy has nothing to apologize for. If someone doesn’t like her show, then they don’t need to watch it. Also why should only comedians have to apologize? Why not Journalists who printed inaccurate rumors on a daily basis? Why not Elizabeth who has spread plenty of wrong information and done her fair sharing of bashing of those who disagree with her politically! — Elizabeth Hypobeck

This is another example of how the media conveniently edits a clip, without including Kathy’s follow up comment immediately after she joked about Brown’s daughters. She clearly stated that it was a joke. Lighten up people. Furthermore Brown is the one who should be scolded for making an ass out of himself by humiliating his daughters, by offering them up “as available”. Seriously Elizabeth, you should really learn that life is not all about you and your “perfect” little republican world. And for someone who loves to claim herself a “fashion designer”, you really need to lighten up on all those ridiculous ruffles. — Max

Anyway, to attack someone’s daughter in the guise of comedy is assinine. KG is wrong on this one. It is not humor, it is just poor taste from someone who doesn’t know what is intelligent humor. Raunch is just that, raunch. My preteen boys can come up with better lines. It takes some intelligence to actually think of an intelligent line. “Suck it!” Really, is that the best response for an adult? Sounds like a junior high school response. — Team Hasselbeck

Hasselbeck Still Hates Kathy Griffin

Personally, I like Elisabeth because she stands up for her beliefs without calling people names like Joy Behar (shudder). If this happened to Obama’s kids, there would be hell to pay, right? Everyone left Chelsea alone and the Bush girls..well, they were watched for their every move which was just being college kids like everyone else. Enough is enough. While Scott was out of line with the available comment, two wrongs DON’T make a right and it was still in bad taste that Kathy (the most unfunny comedienne out there) would even say that. Talk about no class. — ELA

Politically, Elizabeth and I are 180 degrees apart. Morality wise, I am 100% in agreement with her. Kathy Griffin is 100% deregulated, but not all of her humor is misplaced. Anyone who went through the sixties appreciated humor filled political satire to offset the lies coming out of Washington. But Kathy is going too far in attacking senator Brown’s family in the way she has, and deserves Elizabeth’s criticism.
And leave Tim out of it. He is a good husband, father and very intelligent and good man. — Charlie Mc

Here is the issue, we have kids traumatized all over the world because of verbal abuse. Kids will not care if it is a joke for adults. We also have other kids being held responsible for fatal results of this kind of verbal abuse. It does not matter if it is a comedian, a politician, etc., THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE to use kids as a way to get a laugh. I personally like Kathy and I also like Elizabeth. However ELIZABETH IS 100% CORRECT on this issue. — bc

Kathy Griffin pushes the envelope as a comedian and I do get her tongue 
in cheek kind of humor. But sometimes you can go too far and this was one of those times. Elisabeth in her defense of the senator’s girls also went to far when she called Kathy “scum”. Remember when your momma taught you that two wrongs don’t make a right? — Katydid

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