‘Hawaii Five-O’ Debuts New Theme Song

'Hawaii Five-O's Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan (CBS)

'Hawaii Five-O's Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan (CBS)

Bah-dah-ba-da-ba-da…. ba da ba da dum.  ‘Hawaii 5-0‘ is coming back to CBS this fall.  The network unveiled a new version of the iconic theme song at a Comic Con panel featuring the show’s Executive Producers and two of its stars, ‘Lost’s‘ Daniel Dae-Kim and ‘Battlestar Gallactica’s‘ Grace Park.  The rebooted H50, as the network has dubbed it, has one of the most entertaining pilots this season.  The show is not your grandpa’s cops in paradise show. It may even be the series that finally achieves CBS’s not so secret goal of making Alex O’Loughlin happen.  Here are the highlights of the pre-panel press conference.

The Teaser Kicks Ass. Said Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman, “Peter Lenkov came to us and said, ‘I really want to do Hawaii 5-0 because it’s a show I used to watch with my father.’  Then he pitched us the teaser which had such an extraordinary emotional entry point that it became clear it wasn’t going to be just a cop show but a character-driven show. ”  Adds Daniel Dae Kim, “Watch the first ten minutes of the pilot and ask yourself if this is a television show or a film.”

‘Hawaii Five-O’ Will Revamp the Classic for the 21st Century. Said Executive Producer Roberto Orci, ” I think the fans will see very clearly that we stayed true to the original spirit of the show, which is about family, how this team functions as a family while solving crimes every week.  Times have changed.  We’re now living in a post 9/11 world.  So Hawaii, which we’re saying is in some ways the gateway to the rest of the world, has become an access point for all the problems that we face.”  Added Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman, “‘Miami Vice’ is sort of a model for us in terms that the crimes were a little more organized, more high stakes, had a little bit of an international flavor.”

First Look, Two Takes: New ‘Hawaii Five-O’ Makes a Splash

There Will Be A Season-Long Story Arc. According to Executive Producer Peter Lenkov, “It’s definitely a close-ended procedural.  Stories are broken down into three stories.  There’s an A part which is a crime, a B story which is a character story, and the C runner is sort of added value to the show.  That’s this arc that’s going to run the course of the first season. We’re setting up a mystery in the pilot, actually, a couple mysteries. We’re going to unfold the mysteries layer by layer over the course of the series.  If you’re a regular viewer, you’re going to be very satisfied at the end of the season.  If you’re tuning in every few weeks, you’ll see just a good, procedural show. One of the mandates we laid out at the beginning, we wanted to do event television.  We wanted something that felt bigger and worthy of committing yourself for an hour every week.”

Listen to the new theme song:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Hawaii-Five-O/107109/1550399757/New-Hawaii-Five-O-Theme-Song-Debuts%21/embed 580 476]

Daniel Dae Kim is Having The Time of His Life. Kim enthused, “I’m not in the jungle.  I’m in a climate controlled environment. I’m not dirty. My clothes don’t have holes in them.” He added,” One of the things that appealed to me was that this was not science fiction.  I thought it was a nice departure from who Jin was. I get my fair share of people who think that I am Jin, so I look forward to people saying, “He can speak English!”

Kono Is More Than Just Eye Candy in the New ‘Five-0.’ Said Grace Park, “Kono is a rookie cop that’s going to join this new formed team.  She’s related to Kelly.  She gets to meet Dan-o and Garrett right off the bat. She participates in something that she probably wouldn’t be able to do on her own.  With that she gets thrust into all the crime that’s really cutting edge, probably not following all the rules.  But they get done what they need to get done.  She’s pretty hands on. She’s a tom boy, but at the same time she’s a woman.”

The Producers Worked Really Hard to Find Actors To Fill The Iconic Roles. Said Executive Producer Peter Lenkov, “We figured really early on that the Danny-McGarrett relationship was central to the show.  I met with Daniel Dae Kim early on.  When I saw how passionate he was, I started writing the character for him.  With McGarrett and Danny, it’s Jack Lord. He’s got such big shoes to fill.  The show was on for twelve years.  We really wanted an actor who didn’t come with a lot of baggage.  We wanted someone who could really slip into the role and be Steve McGarrett.  We started looking around at the landscape of who was available.  CBS has a huge investment in Alex [O’Loughlin] as everyone knows.  We were a little skeptical.  We met with him because he had done two shows before.  We felt he was incredibly passionate about the material.  He’s a real physical guy.  He was never allowed to do any of the stuff that we allowed him to do. It was really after him to figure out what we needed in terms of our Dan-O.”

Hawaii is The Fifth Character. Said director Len Wiseman, “I liked the idea of presenting two sides of Hawaii.  It has its glamorous postcard version and then one these guys deal with is the other side of Hawaii which is quite seedy and dark and dangerous.  You see that in its presentation when you really see the island and then you get closer and closer to the island and what they’re dealing with and you realize it’s not everybody’s vacation.” Added Lenkov, “Most people know Hawaii from the palm trees and beaches, but there’s a real urban environment. There’s a downtown.  There’s skyscrapers.

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