‘Castle’ Creator Challenges Neil Patrick Harris To Pay A Visit

Nathan Fillion at Comic-Con (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Nathan Fillion at Comic-Con (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Attention Neil Patrick Harris: ‘Castle‘ has thrown down the gauntlet.

During a Sunday Comic-Con panel, series’ creator Andrew Marlowe dared the ‘How I Met Your Mother‘ scene stealer to appear on the show that stars his ‘Dr. Horrible’ nemesis Nathan Fillion.

When Fillion explained that Harris was too busy to do it, Marlowe said, “I think we should issue the Neil Patrick Harris challenge. I think he’s scared to come on the show because of your level of talent.” Fillion in turn hoped that Harris’s character would die.

That was just one of the many hilarious moments of the ‘Castle’ panel, at which Fillion, unofficial Comic-Con royalty, held court along with his co-stars Stana Katic (Beckett), Tamala Jones (Lanie), Seamus Dever (Kevin) and Molly Quinn (Alexis).

‘Castle’ fans joined ‘Firefly‘ Brown Coats for the raucous gathering that went above and beyond  to entertain over a thousand people who got up early Sunday morning to get a preview of the third season of network television’s funniest procedural. Molly Quinn (Alexis) got into the Comic-Con spirit by coming dressed as ‘Star Trek’s‘ Lieutenant Uhura, while Dever sported a ‘Transformers’ T-shirt and Fillion’s shirt displayed his Marvel fandom.

  • Castle and Beckett Will Still Not Be Paired Romantically… Yet

The season ended with an agonizing moment where Beckett was interrupted just as she was about to confess her feelings to Castle.  Though Stana Katic (Beckett) joked that they had already gotten married off-camera, Marlowe is determined to drive the audience crazy with anticipation. “Each of them has recognized they have feelings for the other, but life presents lots of obstacles,” he said. ” You’ll have to tune in and see what we have in store.  But it will be fun.”

  • Rick Castle is Now On Twitter, With a New Mystery

The panel began with a videotaped greeting from Rick Castle himself on the beach in the Hamptons, plugging the paperback release of the ‘Castle’ tie-in book, Heat Wave, and the September 28th release of its sequel Naked Heat.  He stumbled across what appeared to be the body of a large dead bird which he dubbed a fallen angel and encouraged everyone to follow him on Twitter while he unravels the mystery.

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  • The Filming of ‘Heat Wave’ Will Be A Big Part of Season Three

Last year, Castle mentioned that the Nikki Heat books would be adapted into movies.  This season, the filmmaking process will be an arc throughout the season.  The show’s producers have even put together a trailer for the film, complete with overwrought narration and music.   No word on who will play Nikki Heat in the movie, though Marlowe revealed that the casting process will be a part of one episode.

  • There Will Be A Killer That Gets Away

Marlowe revealed that Castle and Beckett will encounter a killer that they can not catch: “We feel that it’s time to challenge Castle and Beckett with someone who is as smart as they are. There is a real element of gamesmanship in the relationship. We think it’s going to be a really fun ride with a character we’re hoping we can bring back a couple times.”

  • We Will Meet Martha Castle’s Boyfriend

Marlowe promises that viewers will finally get to see Shep, Martha (Susan Sullivan’s) long referred to but never seen boyfriend “in the first couple of episodes.”

  • We Will Not Find Out The Identity of Castle’s Father or Beckett’s Mother’s Killer Right Away

Said Marlowe, “We like playing the mystery” of Castle’s paternity. “We won’t meet him in the immediate future, but we have plans.” Fillion would like Christopher Walken to play his alter ego’s dad.  The same holds true for the mystery surrounding the death of Beckett’s mother. “We will be pushing that investigation downfield,” said Marlowe. ” It’s something that’s such a point of identity for the character that we don’t want to do it right away.  But we will be delving deeper into it and the conspiracy behind it.”

  • We Will See More of the Supporting Characters

Lanie, Javier and Kevin will have a lot more to do this season.  There will even be a Lanie-centric episode.  Lanie and Javier may find romance, though Castle could be an unlikely spoiler.  We will see more of Kevin’s relationship with his girlfriend Jenny. Alexis will start dating, which will scare the hell out of Castle. Dever reveals that Marlowe assigned each of the show’s writers to develop a different supporting character.

  • The Collected Wit of Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic
  1. Nathan and Stana performed a dramatic reading of the sex scene in Heat Wave.
  2. Nathan gave fans who asked questions at the panel a series of bizarre gifts including Double Rainbow catchers, his wristbands from exclusive parties he attended earlier in the week, and a pack of Mini Oreos he had in his pocket.  He thoughtfully autographed all of them.
  3. Katic pulled off the cast’s best prank, convincing Dever that his character was going to have a striptease scene and getting the rest of the crew in on it.  Dever went to meetings with wardrobe and props about his upcoming scene and contemplated going on a strict diet until he was presented with a g-string embroidered with “Kiss Me I’m Irish, Love from the Cast and Crew of Castle” which revealed the joke.
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