Actor Rainn Wilson Countersues Over Website

Rainn Wilson is embroiled in a lawsuit related to his website,  (NBC)

Rainn Wilson is embroiled in a lawsuit related to his website, (NBC)

PORTLAND, Ore. – Actor Rainn Wilson of “The Office” had countersued a Portland company in a website development dispute.

He’s seeking at least $400,000 in damages from Think Brilliant, accusing the company in a recent federal court filing of fraud and breach of trust.

Think Brilliant sued Wilson earlier this month, seeking $11.3 million and alleging the actor failed to properly compensate the company for website development work. Think Brilliant also contends Wilson hacked into its database and accessed confidential materials.

The actor and the company had an apparently amiable relationship over two years as Think Brilliant helped develop Wilson’s whimsical website, SoulPancake.

But a split developed over compensation and later over how the two sides would dissolve their relationship. Each side denies the other’s allegations.

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