O’Reilly Digs at Beck, Says Lohan is On ‘The Marilyn Monroe Track’

Bill O’Reilly stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night and had some interesting things to say, mostly because they were unexpected coming from the leading conservative pundit on Fox News. He took a swipe at fellow Fox friend Glenn Beck’s tendency towards apocalyptic rants and told us all to lay off of Lindsay Lohan.

“You guys shouldn’t be laughing at this,” O’Reilly said when Leno showed Lohan’s mugshot and the crowd tittered. “This is a woman who is on the Marilyn Monroe track.  Monroe died at 36.  She’s from Long Island where I’m from.  Very talented actress, if you’ve seen her she is talented, but she is very confused right now and she can’t stay away from the substance abuse.  So, if I were the judge I would have done exactly the same thing.  Send her in, send a message.”

“This woman needs to be saved,” he stressed, “and I think we should stop with the tabloid stuff, stop enjoying this kind of stuff.  I think she’s 24 years old, I think she’s been exploited by her parents — nothing worse, nothing worse on this earth than being exploited by your parents.  And I just hope and I pray — I do, I’ve said some prayers for her – that she can get out of there, find somebody, somebody to basically say, ‘Listen Lindsay, knock it off.’”

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Beck came up when Leno showed a picture of O’Reilly, Beck and Geraldo Rivera together at a baseball game, which was something O’Reilly branded a “corporate date,” saying they gave him a lot of money to go be seen hanging out with those guys. “I can’t really describe Beck. He’s just unique,” O’Reilly said with a smirk. He described Rivera as a “classic social liberal, fiscal conservative” and then said that Beck “thinks rats are invading the White House sent by Satan.”

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As for the rare O’Reilly apology over the Shirley Sherrod matter, he said “lots of people watch me and depend on me for accurate information” and admitted to not reading the entire transcript of the speech before reporting on it out of context. Yet he also declared it was the first time in 13 years he’s ever retracted a story, which may or may not be accurate information. He also came out against “don’t ask, don’t tell” after wondering aloud why President Obama hasn’t done away with it already, saying “It’s just not fair. We should stop this nonsense.” He expressed sympathy for Obama and how he’s been attacked by his own side for not doing enough about the oil spill, comparing it to how George W. Bush was lambasted after Hurricane Katrina. He even claimed the guest he wants most on his show is Lady Gaga.

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Watch last night’s episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno right here.

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