CBS’ New Daytime ‘Talk’ Show: 5 Things To Know

Lean Remini, Sara Gilbert and Marissa Jaret Winokur are among 'The Talk's six cohosts (CBS)

Lean Remini, Sara Gilbert and Marissa Jaret Winokur are among 'The Talk's six cohosts (CBS)

CBS unveiled a test reel of its just-announced daytime talk show – creatively titled ‘The Talk’ – at the Television Critics Association press tour on Wednesday, giving reporters a feel for how the new show might (…and might not) differ from ‘The View.’

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Populated by cohosts Sara Gilbert (‘Roseanne,’ also the show’s creator), Julie Chen (‘The Early Show’), Leah Remini (‘King of Queens’), Sharon Osbourne (‘America’s Got Talent’), actress/football wife Holly Robinson Peete and Marissa Jaret Winokur (Broadway’s ‘Hairspray’), the talker purports to offer a Mom-centric take on things that other show might label “Hot Topics.”

Based on what the cohosts had to share at TCA, here are five things to know about ‘The Talk,’ which bows in September once ‘As The World Turns’ signs off.

Sara Might Talk About Being Gay, But Leah’s Not All About The Scientology
Gilbert revealed that the conspicuous omission of her longtime partner’s name from the show’s press release – whereas the other hosts’ husbands all got name-checked – was per her request. “I’ve never really discussed my personal life [so] the first place I wanted to do it wasn’t in a CBS press release,” she explained. Remini meanwhile shrugged off the suggestion that her belief in Scientology will get play on the talker. “My job is my job…. That ‘other thing’ is not even part of my discussions; this is what I do,” she maintained.

It’s Not Like ‘The View.’ But It Is. And Yet It Isn’t.
A certain Mommy-centric slant will differentiate ‘The Talk’ from ‘The View,’ yet there’s no arguing that the two shows look near identical on the screen, seating a bevy of women around a big table. But as Gilbert noted, “In the same way that David Letterman sits at a desk and Jay Leno sits at a desk… there are formats that people use. We’re using one of those formats.”

Remini And Osbourne Are The Ones To Watch
At least as exemplified at the TCA panel – where Chen was cheerfully diplomatic (but winningly referred to herself as “The Chenbot”) and Gilbert was at times oblique – sexy and sassy Remini and reliable loudmouth Osbourne likely will be serving up the sort of sound bites that pop culture blogs love to latch onto. Remini, for example, delivered an extended riff on how her husband forever is lobbying for sex, to the point that his kind gestures in the name of that goal grate on her. “It’s not gonna happen!”

Ozzy And The Oz Kids, Meanwhile, May Not Be Watching
Sharon’s better half “doesnt even know I’m doing this show,” she (perhaps) joked. “He thinks I’m off doing ‘Americas Got Talent.'” As for the kids, “It’s not of great importance to them.”

CBS’ Top Dog Might Have His Dirty Laundry Aired
Chen dispelled the notion that her high-profile hubby, CBS CEO Leslie Moonves, will fly under ‘The Talk’s radar by relating an anecdote about how he has an annoying tendency to wake their sleeping baby. Still, she joked that there might be lines not to be crossed, lest she get a call that ‘The Talk’ has been suddenly canceled!

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