Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Philosophy on Lesbians

'The View' Co-Host Elisabeth Hasselbeck (Photo: ABC)

'The View' Co-Host Elisabeth Hasselbeck (Photo: ABC)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck apparently thinks women who come out as lesbians later in life only do so because they couldn’t find a man.

During a discussion on the subject of late-blooming lesbians on Tuesday’s show, ‘The Viewco-host said that: “Older men are going with younger women, leaving the women with no one.”

Joy Behar immediately jumped on the argument saying, “So that’s why they’re suddenly sleeping with women? That’s ridiculous, I’m sorry.”

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After the customary five seconds of incomprehensible crosstalk, Behar explained as calmly as she could that “being gay, being a lesbian, is not just holding hands and walking through the tulips. There are things that people do, sexually…I don’t think you suddenly wake up and say, ‘You know, I wanna do that.'”

But Hasselbeck argued that at a certain age a relationship could be more about companionship than anything sexual. (Bad news for her husband Tim?)

The New York Daily News reminds us that Hasselbeck is the same person who once argued that the morning-after pill should be banned even in cases of rape and incest, and also slammed ESPN’s Erin Andrews’ skimpy outfits on ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ as inappropriate, after Andrews was the victim of stalking (although she allegedly apologized for the latter).

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Perhaps it’s a good thing Hasselbeck is on a show called ‘The View,’ and not ‘Rigorous Fact and Science-Based Analysis by Levelheaded Commentators’ – and not just because that’s a terrible show title.

What do you think? Was she insulting lesbians? Making a valid point? Sleep talking? Comment below.

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