New ‘Undercover Boss’ Missions Include NASCAR, DirecTV

NASCAR Senior Vice President and CMO Steve Phelps on 'Undercover Boss' (CBS)

NASCAR Senior Vice President and CMO Steve Phelps on 'Undercover Boss' (CBS)

CBS’ ‘Undercover Boss’ reality series will look under the hood of NASCAR and dish on DirecTV during its second season, CBS announced on Wednesday.

In addition to sending NASCAR president Steve Phelps and DirecTV CEO Mike White ‘Undercover,’ Chiquita Brands boss Fernando Aguirre and
Great Wolf Resorts CEO Kimberly K. Schaefer will infiltrate their companies’ lower ranks.

CBS’ ‘Undercover Boss’ Proved Good For Businesses

But how is ‘Undercover Boss’ keeping the targeted companies in the dark, given the ginormous success of Season 1? Might the new episodes feature instances of the “incognito” CEO getting “made” by his underlings?

“I’m certainly not going to reveal any changes, because then it’s not ‘undercover’ anymore,” CBS entertainment boss Nina Tassler tells Fancast. “But the interesting thing is that if you hear hoofbeats you don’t think ‘zebras.’ And people seeing cameras [at their workplace] don’t automatically think, ‘Oh, I’m on an episode of ‘Undercover Boss.'”

“The good news is [the producers] have a process in place,” Tassler continued, “and there are wonderful surprises in store. They’re really effective in capturing great drama.”

CBS Sets Fall Premiere Dates, From ‘Nicaragua’ To ‘Miami’

Additional companies to be featured during Season 2 of ‘Undercover Boss’ will be revealed at a later date. The new season premieres Sunday, September 26.

Are you curious to go undercover with CBS’ ‘Boss’ again?

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