Bigger ‘Project Runway,’ Bigger Expectations

Heidi Klum (Barbara Nitke/Lifetime Television)

Heidi Klum (Barbara Nitke/Lifetime Television)

Are you getting custom fit for the eighth season of ‘Project Runway’ (Thursday, 9/8c on Lifetime)? Now that the show has extended itself to 90 minutes, there better be some blood, sweat, and shears (womp womp—we couldn’t help ourselves)!

Before tonight’s longer-episodic season kicks off, we’d like to offer five suggestions on how the folks at Lifetime can make that extra 30 worth our while:

1. More Heidi & Tim
With that new boyish shag cut, we want more sightings of Miss Klum, Danke! Okay, but seriously, we all know that the supermodel has a huge fun-loving personality, so why can’t we see a wee bit more of it and a little less of the uber serious auffng ‘tude? If she can do Light & Fit yogurt commercials, she can lighten up on ‘Runway.’

As for Mr. Gunn, we know he’s quintessentially himself no matter what the occasion, and that’s why we want more. Sure, we like his usual walk-around evaluations of the designers, but how about snagging separate footage of him talking to us, the viewers at home, about whose duds he thinks are hot and whose are pretty threadbare?

2. More Follow-ups with Former Contestants
Whatever happened to Season 5’s rebellious Kenley Collins? Season 7’s Southern diva Anthony Williams? In addition to bringing memorable auf’d contestants back on the show and letting them offer some sartorial advice to the new designer hopefuls, it’d be pretty fab to get a follow-up on their lives after leaving the show and their current fashion endeavors.

See Designer Valerie Mayen’s House:

[iframe 580 476]

3. More Idolizing of the Runway
Maybe ‘PR’ could be a little more like ‘AI’—‘American Idol,’ that is. Instead of having the predictable elimination round where the judges sit in an austere room opposite the designers to assess their creations on the runway, what if they could make space for an audience and let them have their say as well? (For some reason, the thought of people booing – or cheering – sourpuss Michael Kors (a.k.a. the Simon Cowell of ‘Runway’) in front of his face seems pretty priceless.)

Heck, while they’re at it, throw in a ‘1-866’ number and let the viewers at home vote their fave design of the week, too!

4. More Dressing of Celeb Clientele
Unless they have strong ties to the industry on a respectable, professional level, the whole celeb judge thing is a joke. Instead of being part of the judging panel, it’d be fun to see a variety of A-listers—meaning fashion and fashion clueless alike—come on the show, have them give the designers a general idea of what kind of garb they’re envisioning for a particular event, and in the end, let them simply choose their favorite outfit. The bonus for the viewers would be to see the celeb prancing around at the actual soiree. (Can you imagine what the designers could get away with if they were dressing their clients for Comic-Con?)

5. More Exotic Locales
Once the show’s down to the top five designers, it’d be sweet to see some international jet setting take place. Yes, we’ve seen the season where contestants were flown to Paris, but why not Bora Bora? Buenos Aires? Tokyo? Artists need inspiration and what better way than to take them (and us) to foreign digs!

How do you feel about the new 90-minute ‘PR’? What would you like to see done differently?

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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