President Obama’s ‘View’ Visit: 8 Things That Made It Great

President Barack Obama on ABC's 'The View' July 29

President Barack Obama on ABC's 'The View' July 29

President Barack Obama’s visit to ‘The View’ has come and gone. And now that we’ve all witnessed this historic occasion, it’s time to assess what we just experienced.

Among the revelations: Obama said he would not be attending Chelsea Clinton’s much-buzzed about nuptials this weekend in Rhinebeck, N.Y.

“I was not invited,” he admitted. “It would be tough enough to have one president at a wedding. You don’t want two presidents.”

Here’s a rundown of other highlights, lowlights and unforgettable moments from this morning’s “Red White & ‘View'” on ABC:

Most priceless look: Did anyone else notice the expression on Sherri Shepherd’s face whenever Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked the president a question? Sherri was sitting next to Elisabeth and when Elisabeth got into it with POTUS over the unemployment issue, Sherri glared at Elisabeth like daggers were coming out of her eyes.

Obama on ‘The View’: ‘I Wasn’t Invited to Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding

President Obama? Meet modern technology: We learned that Obama does indeed possess a Blackberry (accessible to only nine people, he said) and an iPod (with music ranging from Jay-Z to Frank Sinatra and opera singer Maria Callas), and is considering the purchase of an iPhone. He revealed he’s still an old-fashioned guy, though, when he referred to his TV remote control as a “clicker.” OK, gramps!

Watch Obama’s ‘View’ entrance:

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Softball pitchers: The show’s softest questions were lobbed by Whoopi Goldberg, when she asked, “What are we? Who are we?” and a question about contemporary attitudes about race that she based on a 43-year-old Sidney Poitier film, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”; and Barbara Walters, who asked the president what he wants his legacy to be.

Hardball? Move over, Chris Matthews: If ‘The View’ doesn’t work out for her, Hasselbeck has a future in cable news (though she’s a better fit for Fox News than MSNBC). Her questions to the president about lingering unemployment were the hardest-hitting questions of the hour and showed she won’t be intimidated by a U.S. president (or a glaring co-host).

Is President Obama’s ‘View’ Appearance A Good Thing?

Joy’s left hook: Joy Behar complained that the president has no “attack dogs” to go after right-wing pundits who attack his policies. “That’s your job,” he told Joy.

Ladies, try and stay awake while the president is discussing economics: Did it look to you like the ‘View’ gals were a bit bored when the president offered up some lengthy answers on economic issues? You half expected some of them to start yawning. When the talk turned to Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson, however, they perked right up!

Watch Obama discuss the state of the country:

[iframe 580 476]

Lindsay? Yes. Snooki? Um, no: How refreshing was it to learn that the president of the United States does not have a clue who Snooki is? (For others who are blissfully in the dark, she is a ‘Jersey Shore’ cast member.) Obama is aware, however, that LiLo just went to jail, and he remained neutral on the subject of the infamous Mel Gibson phone rants. He also mentioned that he met Justin Bieber at the White House and declared him to be “a fine young man.” For the record: No one asked the president about Kathy Griffin.

One scene we don’t necessarily want to see: Eighty-year-old Barbara Walters, looking like she’s on the mend in her first visit back to the show after undergoing heart surgery in May, promised to show everyone her scar when she returns full-time to the show in September. Um, Barbara? That’s alright, we’ll just take your word for the scar, OK?

Truth be told, this downright historical edition of ‘The View’ was a pretty fast and entertaining hour, thanks mostly to the president, who – agree with him or not – possesses a skill for coming across as likable in these types of situations. What did you think? Did his appearance on ‘The View’ benefit the president? Or was it a waste of his time? How do you think the co-hosts handled this opportunity? Did they rise to the occasion or fall short?

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