‘Real L Word’ Stars: Hasselbeck’s View On Lesbianism Is ‘Ignorant’

The Cast of The Real L Word (Showtime)

The Cast of The Real L Word (Showtime)

When it comes to Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s controversial views on lesbianism, the cast of Showtime’s ‘The Real L Word‘ takes offense.

“It’s ignorant,” star Whitney Mixter said Thursday during a Television Critics Association panel for the reality series documenting the lives of Los Angeles lesbians. “It’s ignorant and hurtful,” she added.

On Tuesday’s episode of ‘The View,’ Hasselbeck came under fire for stating that she believes women turn to lesbianism later in life due to a lack of available men.

Watch Tuesday’s Episode Of ‘The View’ Here

“It’s not the first time Elisabeth said something so boneheaded,” said series co-star Rose Garcia. “But she’ll cry and apologize and probably call us next week.”

“It’s just so crazy,” executive producer Ilene Chaiken told Fancast. “How could she come out and say something that’s so backward and ignorant?”

Chaiken, who created the long-running Showtime drama ‘The L Word,’ thinks if Hasselbeck’s claims were made for the sake of being provocative, then she should apologize. “If she did it just for effect then yes she owes an apology. I would just hope that something happens in her life that really enlightens her,” she said.

What might help Hasselbeck change her ideas on lesbians? “Maybe I’ll take her out on a date,” Mixter joked.

Do you agree with the cast? Were Hasselbeck’s comments ignorant and hurtful?

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