‘SYTYCD’ Recap: Is It Time For Jose’s Swan Song?

'So You Think You Can Dance' (Mathieu Young/FOX)

'So You Think You Can Dance' (Mathieu Young/FOX)

Last week, Nigel Lythgoe warned that Robert and Jose had better bring it on this week’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ if they don’t want to end in the bottom three again.

Well, neither Robert or Jose brought it any further than they could, and in my humble opinion both will be in the bottom three this week.  I’ll even go so far as to say that it’s Jose’s time to go home.

It’s anyone’s guess really as the judges balanced out their critiques with both contenders: Robert’s contemporary dance with allstar Kathryn made executive producer Nigel Lythgoe say that Robert’s “become even better than I thought you would be.”

I disagree completely. But all-righty…

As for Jose, Mia thought his hip hop lacked “swag” and I am sad to admit that I see it the same way.

So who did the best? Once again Lauren, Adechike, and Kent. And, these are the three Nigel told us he anticipates to be in the finale.

Here’s how it all played out:

First dance with an allstar:

Kent & Anya: Cha Cha, Jean-Marc Genereux
Kent must have been reading this blog because we wanted the boys to man up, and he certainly took our advice. Was it his best? Na! Did he still do that “face?” Yep. But the fans in the audience waving Kent heads on a stick seemed to absolutely love it. Nigel agreed that he ended up as a “man dancer.” Mia said there wasn’t enough for her. “It didn’t flow as nicely as I would’ve liked it to,” she said. But her biggest critique: “You’re not taking the note about the face.” Adam called it “super solid.”

Robert & Kathryn: Contemporary, Stacey Tookey
A wartime story and they didn’t put hunky Robert in uniform? What a waste! He may be a technically skilled dancer, but as others have said before me, he just keeps bringing the same performance over and over. Nigel loved the connectivity and called it lovely. “You’ve grown enormously,” added Nigel, who said he’s growing to “become even better than I thought you would be.” Guest judge, choreographer and road judge Toni Redpath said she’d love to be the woman he danced with. Mia called it “sacred” and “tender.”

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Adéchiké & Courtney: Jazz, Tyce Diorio
Another one bringing the manpower up a notch this week! Week after week Adechike is taking it to new heights. Might he be a real contender here? Let’s see what the judges have to say: “That was balls out dancing! Oh my God. Did I say that on live TV?” said Adam. Mia warned that he has to balance his athleticism with style. Fair enough. Nigel? “I just need you to look like you’re letting yourself go.”

Jose & Comfort, Hip Hop, Marty Kudelka and Dana Wilson
Another soft ball was thrown Jose’s way with hip hop being in his – pun intended – comfort zone. Was it enough? I don’t think so. “I love that cool vibe…I loved the whole style of it, ” said Jose, who pulled his groin recently but said he’s “okay.” Toni said, “You could’ve given me your best line and I would’ve bought it.” Mia disagreed. “There was no swag in there whatsoever,” she said. Ouch.

Ashley is Eliminated:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/CelebTV/105735/1545041530/Ashley-Is-Eliminated-From-SYTYCD/embed 580 476]

Lauren F. & Allison: Broadway, Tyce Diorio
Finally, the first time two girls danced together. Enough of the boy-on-boy action! The ladies brought a powerful girlishness to their performance that was a welcome addition to this season. “Lauren, I think of you as an allstar already,” said Adam. Mia agreed: “There’s just nothing to critique. You’re so solid.” Nigel said he believes Lauren will be in the finale. Wow. Might a girl take it home this season? Finger’s crossed!

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Billy & Ade: Contemporary, Stacey Tookey
It’s hard to go wrong with such an emotional song as “Mad World,” and Billy delivered a powerful, emotional dance. A for Connectivity, I say! Three of the four judges gave it a standing ovation. Nigel, who didn’t stand, said he was pleased with the decision last week for the injured Billy to not dance. “There was a lot of emotion in it, an awful lot of mature dancing,” he said. “That was sheer perfection,” said Mia. Adam gushed: “It was magnificent!”

Second dance: contestant with contestant:

Jose & Kent: Broadway, Spencer Liff
In a competition of swagger, Jose certainly showed who’s the man. “Kent…I don’t know what’s gonna happen between you and Lauren but I see it coming down to the two of you. Jose, for a hip hop dancer it was unbelievable.” Mia called it “friggin’ fantabulous.”

Lauren F. & Adéchiké: Foxtrot, Jean-Marc Genereux
Lauren brought the girl power big time and got my votes this week. Let’s hope she’s okay because after the show last night she saw a medic and wasn’t up for doing the weekly Wednesday night press line, which all of the contestants do. Back to the dancing: Lauren + “Fever”= Awesomeness! The judges didn’t concur. Toni said the footwork and frame were off, but Mia praised her grace, sensuality, and presence.

Robert & Billy, Bollywood, Nakul Dev Mahajan
Bollywood’s an easy mark and this was a joyous performance. Nigel called it the best Bollywood by two guys and Toni compared ’em to hamburgers. Yum! Adam declared, “This just split the vote for me… Robert that was brilliant.” Brilliant or not, I still declare he’ll be in the bottom three this week.

Agree or Disagree with my predictions? Speak your mind in the comments below.

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