‘True Blood’s Denis O’Hare: ‘Things Start To Go Really Crazy’

Denis O'Hare (HBO)

Denis O'Hare (HBO)

King Russell is the diabolical, entertaining villain who is shaking up this season of ‘True Blood.’  So far Mississippi’s vampire king has managed to tear Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Sookie (Anna Paquin) apart, get Eric to do his bidding, and embarked on an ambitious plan to attack the human race with the help of a V-addicted pack of werewolves.  Denis O’Hare, an acclaimed theater actor who also plays Judge Abernathy on ‘The Good Wife,‘ is really sinking his teeth into the meaty role. He shared a secret about Russell’s opulent mansion, teases a scandalous upcoming sex scene and hints that soon the king’s reign will be challenged.

Is it good to be the king?
It’s good to be the king.  I can do whatever I want to.  I have a great house.  I get to order people around.  I eat who I want to. It’s fantastic.

Can you give me a couple hints about where the king and his vampire-werewolf alliance are headed?
Everybody’s got plans.  They think they’re headed in a certain direction and then events take over.  Around episodes seven and eight it all starts to go sideways. I’m no exception.  All of my plans have to be revised because things start to go really crazy.

Is Russell going to have any more shocking scenes, like the stripper-drinking orgy?
I am in bed with someone in episode ten, and things happen in bed.

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Is that someone male, female or wolf?
I think it should be a surprise.

What’s been the most fun part of your ‘True Blood’ experience?
I get to work with wolves.  I love dogs, so to work with actual wolves [is incredible]. I got to meet one young wolf and actually sit down and pet him before he knocked me over on my ass.  They’re fantastic animals.  I got to do a lot of horseback riding. I love that.

Do you think the show should move to Jackson and forget about Bon Temps?
Absolutely.  It’s a bigger place.  We have better restaurants.  We have more interesting stuff to do. We have plantation houses.  Come on.  [Russell’s mansion] is a real house. It’s called Longwood.  It’s in Natchez [Mississippi]. They base it on that real house.  It’s in a studio.  It has no upstairs, but that’s a piddling issue.

As far as Sookie is concerned, are you on Team Bill or Team Alcide?
I’m on Team Russell.  My team.

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