‘Bachelorette’s Roberto vs. Chris L: Who Should Ali Choose?

by | July 30, 2010 at 12:24 PM | The Bachelorette, TV News

Roberto Martinez and Chris Lambton on 'The Bachelorette.' (Photo: ABC)

Roberto Martinez and Chris Lambton on 'The Bachelorette.' (Photo: ABC)

Dum da da dum dum! The time has come, ‘Bachelorette’ fans. As Ali Fedotowsky’s season is coming down to the Final Rose, we thought it best to take a closer look at the two men she’s losing sleep over: Roberto Martinez and Chris Lambton!

Which guy deserves to slip that ABC-sponsored ring on her? We’ve put together a list of the pros and cons of each bachelor. Here’s what we came up with:

Oooh, Roberto!
– He’s a hottie patottie and still manages to be a perfect gentleman.
– He had instant chemistry with Ali.
– He’s a romantic.
– His voice is like warm milk on a cold day.
– He looks really smokin’ in a baseball uniform.
– He’s challenging (b/c he’s the whole package), and what ambitious gal doesn’t want a challenge?
– He’s got a dimpled chin you can get buried in.
– He’s got a loving, supportive fam.

– He’s too nice and perfect (is he hiding something?)
– He sweats profusely.
– He’s got a dimpled chin you can get buried in.
– He’s arguably too perfect for Ali to handle.

Watch Ali & Roberto’s one-on-one date:

Chris L.
– He’s a Mass. native like Ali.
– He’s a romantic.
– He has matching recessive genes like Ali, so if she wanted to have yellow-haired babies, he’d be the one to reproduce with.
– He’s older and could bring a level of maturity and wisdom to the relationship.
– He has a really cute black lab.
– He’s got a loving, super protective fam.

– His devotion for his family and need to talk about them 24-7 can get in the way of forming an independent bond with Ali.
– He nervously fidgets.
– He seems inclined to live near his family in Cape Cod, which might not jibe with the cosmopolitan girl.
– He might be more friendship material than lover material.
– He dresses all of his outfits down by wearing Nikes no matter what the occasion.
– His propensity to rub his hands together and stare crazily into Ali’s eyes sometimes makes us fearful that he wants to eat her like a Happy Meal.
– His fall-at-the-knees emotions for Ali might not challenge her enough to keep the sparks flying.

Watch Ali & Chris’ one-on-one date:

Prediction: You can’t deny instant chemistry, folks. Regardless if she stays with him in the end, we think Ali’s choice is a no-brainer: The winner is Oooh, Roberto!

Check out a Sneak Peek From the Finale:

What do you think? Want to add to our list? For those of you on Team Chris, we’d like to hear your thoughts most indubitably!